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From Concept to LIVE: A quick look
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How to Build a STRONG Website


A walkthrough of the process

Building a strong website these days doesn’t start with SEO.

It starts with having clarity, focus, conviction, and making your visitors the central focus.

Not sure where to start? Want to see what it will look like if we work together? You are in the right place.

Start out with the timeline. If you still don’t feel ready or are not quite sure, read on to find out more about my coaching plan.

I want you to succeed, regardless of whether we work together or not.  I’ve got tools and resources for every stage of your business!



Step 1: Consultation and a virtual coffee! The first 30 minutes are free. I will ask questions about your needs, goals, your business, and the purpose of your website. FIRST: Please take the time to:

1. Review this website, including my portfolio and packages/offerings pages.

2. Fill out the questions when you book a slot.

These steps will ensure that we are both making the most effective use of our time.

Should the consult go over 30 min, my consults are $100 per hour.  This fee is waived if you choose to work with me.

Step 2: You decide which service is right for you: coaching, website, email, etc.  If there isn’t enough clarity or direction to proceed with building a website, I’ll recommend the next steps that work best for YOU, so that you can prepare. I’ve got lots of resources so you won’t feel lost!

Step 3: I send a basic proposal/agreement and a Paypal invoice. Upon payment, the project begins.

Step 4: You will receive an invitation to ASANA so that we can keep track of the tasks involved in our project together.

Here you will find tasks and a checklist of the things I will need from you in order to proceed, such as photos, written content, videos, logos, branding colors and fonts, Pinterest boards you like, login credentials, links to social media, etc.

Step 4.5: We go over your onboarding guide so that you know the specific steps involved in creating a website. I want you to be aware not just of what you see on each page, but with Google, what’s happening on the backend, SEO, and how the pieces fit together.  There is a LOT that goes into building a website, and with maintaining it afterwards.

Step 5: We have a brief discussion about site navigation and architecture, as well as branding. There will need to be some clarity about what content is included and “what goes where” before I proceed to step 6. I’ll show you some examples of sites as a starting point.  (virtually tea or coffee is offered)

Step 6: I create the first CONCEPT. This will include the site navigation, as well as the general layout and “look and feel” of the site. You will now have a “visual container” to place your content.

Step 7: We meet on Zoom to go over this concept. This visual and auditory feedback works well, along with Asana notes with assigned deadlines for each of us, based on this meeting.

2 Major revisions are included in the basic plan.

Step 8: If there are no further major revisions (2 max) I add functionality and content to your site.

Step 9: Minor revisions are made via Asana

Step 10: Site approval

Step 11: Pre-launch checklist. These are the things that I need to do to prepare your site to go live.  It’s important that time is reserved for this process.

Step 12: Final proofread, check links, make sure everything is working properly etc.

Step 13: Site migration. This is when the site goes live

Step 14: We celebrate with a glass of virtual wine!

Step 15: Closing call includes training to manage content in your WordPress site and the basics of SEO.

At this point you can decide how and when to take the next steps with monthly maintenance and building your marketing machine!

Ready to start? 

If so, you will know it. If you are not quite sure yet..  you may need to do some preparation work first. Read on..

I want your website to be your secret weapon


building a strong site starts with clarity.

A strong website starts with YOU and your vision. 

If you only have a vague idea of the basics, such as your niche, your USP, (unique selling proposition) your target audience, the kinds of services you offer, and what your audience wants, you can do all the SEO in the world but not have a “strong” website. 

You also have to have a clear purpose for your website, besides “get more clients.” 

Many new business owners expect to pay a web developer to “make a strong site that gets more clients, patients, or guests in the door.”  And many developers are happy to make that promise and take their money. 

But it doesn’t work.

It becomes a guessing game for everyone and wastes time and money for everyone.

Are you getting “crickets” with your website traffic? Want to make it stronger?


Many people first starting out tend to procrastinate on the things that really matter and will build momentum.

As a result, we make these 3 common mistakes:

1. Staying “busy” but not productive in the areas that will truly leverage our time and energy

2. Looking for solutions outside of ourselves for problems that are a direct consequence of our mindset, including lack of clarity and conviction

3. Trying to do everything ALONE and ending up with chaos and burnout (and a weak website, if any)

The result? Lack of focus and direction. 

This is why content takes weeks and even MONTHS to create, but we still miss the mark.

This is why websites never go live, or why they don’t “work.”

The solution?


I’m not offering coaching because it’s a trend or a fluffy unnecessary service. Frankly, I just wanted to build websites and geek out on marketing.

From working with clients I noticed that there can be a HUGE gap between “web development territory” and the domain of your average “non-techy” small business owner.

The lack of communication and clarity, as well as unmet expectations I witnessed from client’s previous experiences blew my mind.

I also discovered that both developers and business owners were doing their best to fill in this gap with unrealistic expectations, myths, half-truths, and both indirect and direct deception and/or denial. 

It wasn’t anyone’s “fault” that such poor bridges were constructed. Everyone was doing the best they could with the information they had. Everyone wanted to succeed. But the result was the same:

People on both “sides”  were wasting time, money and energy. People were not getting paid for the time they put in, and people were also not getting any return on their investments either. It wasn’t even a zero sum game, but a guaranteed lose/lose proposition.

Something was really quite wrong, I thought. It’s nobody’s “fault,” but everyone’s responsibility to make sure that clients are set up for success, not failure, from the START.

This goes beyond setting up clear systems in the way the developer and client work together, which is of course important.

There are other factors. One is that different personality types approach a project in different ways. Another is that the usual fears we have as business owners, like fear of failure OR success, can PROFOUNDLY affect the outcome of a website.

A website is TRULY a reflection of who you are as well as what your business is about.

In web design, our client’s successes are OUR successes.

This tends to scare the hell out of everyone involved!  My thought was based on simple curiosity. What if there was another way to approach this whole process?

Are most of us doing this “backwards?” Why does the gap exist? How can I help?

I quickly began bridging this gap via coaching. It happened almost by “accident” since I didn’t really see the value in what many coaches have to offer, especially the ones that charge 10x more than what I charge to build a website.  (Now that I have a coach, I totally see the value in it!)

It soon became clear that this service can SAVE people a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run.

And now I want to offer this as an option to those who may need a little guidance and and extra help. 

This isn’t about theory or fluffy affirmations. It’s about showing you how to get your digital marketing projects done.  

It’s also not about “productivity hacks” either. There is more than one way to approach these big projects, and I’m here to help you find the best tactics and strategies that make sense for YOU. 

Warning: A side effect is spillover into your business and personal life! 

I’ll also be offering courses and group coaching in the near future.

what coaching looks like

The first few steps are the same!

Step 1: Consultation and a virtual coffee, of course.  The first 30 minutes are free. I will ask questions about your needs, goals, your business, and more. Please take the time to fill out the questions when you book a slot as this will help us use our time most effectively.

Should the consult go over 30 min, my consults are $100 per hour.  This fee is waived if you choose to work with me.

There is a minimum time commitment to work with me, but it’s shorter than most coaching programs.

Step 2: If it seems like we have “chemistry,” I’ll send a welcome packet and an invoice, and we can get started!

If not.. no problem. You can start with my free offerings or courses or work with another coach.. it’s all good!

Step 3: We schedule a regular time to meet. Depending on what works best for you, I have a toolbox ready… with worksheets, homework, assignments that will actually be applied to creating the content of your website, and more.

Need help with something “technical?” You got it.

Need to find a better way to get tasks completed when the usual “productivity hack” advice doesn’t work? No problem!

Not even sure where or how to start? Got you covered.

In addition to guidance, I offer the support and accountability that keeps you from putting off these important tasks indefinitely.

This kind of coaching is perfect for those who are either creative and analytical, or a combination of both.

There are no pre-requisites as far as skill level with “tech” and marketing. I work with those who love building websites but HATE to write, and vice versa.

It doesn’t matter if you are going the DIY route (if you love tech, why not?) or want to hire someone do do your website and digital marketing, this plan can still help.

The only requirement is a willingness to put in the time and effort it will take.

This is not for you if: 

You just want to pay someone to make everything happen FOR you.

Even though I have VIP plans that take a lot off your plate, this coaching plan IS TOTALLY about doing the type of work that every CEO must do in order to succeed.

Step 4: Celebrate! A bottle of wine for you, the CEO. It can be virtual, or you can come here for the real thing!