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A tailored plan that works for YOUR business and YOUR lifestyle

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A complete strategy and support.. instead of piecing together random tactics. 

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Save time and money, and wasted energy by hiring a guide

the old way doesn't work anymore

It's been a rough ride

You’ve probably already been experiencing the effects of the last year or so. For many, it has been one of their biggest challenges EVER.  

Even if you have been holding up by adapting, pivoting, or learning new skills, it’s easy to get pulled inot overwhlem. 

It’s also hard to see what lies ahead. 

"I'm not good enough.." That damn gap..

Many coaches and wellness practitioners COMPLETELY identify as healers, doctors, and coachis or guides, but not as business owners or the masters of their own desitiny.  

I get it.. that’s why we went to school, right? To focus on our craft? So when the “rules” change overnight, self-doubt creeps in:

“I’m not good with “tech” stuff. I’ll never keep up.” 

“I’m not great with seeing the big picture. I don’t even trust that it’s even possible, so I  just go with the flow.” 

“I’m not a creative person.” 

You chose to be an entrepreneur, and quite frankly, can’t imagine doing anything else. You know that you also need to learn ADVANCED and RELEVANT business skills.. not the stuff your friend learned while getting his MBA in 1998, or the lame things you learned in school about running a practice, or even the latest “shiny object” that everyone online says you need to be doing right now. (These are tactics, not a strategy) 

You also don’t need to waste any TIME on what isn’t working. 

You KNOW this. But even if the self-doubt is slowly killing your business and your spirit, it’s making you tired to even LOOK at the path ahead of you. 

Choose to LEAD

It may sound like a cliche, but it’s the truth: If you are still  playing by the old rules, or doing what you learned in school, or what “everyone else” is doing.. That’s not leading.  You can choose to be different. 

A starting point

All of my coaching plans are about customization, strategy, and building a  practice based on freedom and income diversification.  I break it down even further so that what you get is VERY focused and VERY relevant. 

These 2 plans are a starting point, but can also be combined for you if you are BOTH a left-brained logician AND a left-brained creative. 

Left-Brained Guidance and Coaching

I can help walk you through the “tech stuff” which may be your primary obstacle. For this I offer mini coaching sessions, courses, and even some free information, such as what you find in the tech cafe.

Some of the skills I can help you with:

• Setting up a basic email autoresponder
• Creating a basic form
• The back end of WordPress 101
• Creating a .pdf for a lead magnet
• On Page SEO
• How to read basic analytics (web traffic, keyword rankings, etc)
• Setting up a course or membership site
…and more.

The reason I offer help to DIY clients? 
My philosophy is that if someone enjoys doing this type of work and it doesn’t distract from the tasks needed to grow their business, it makes perfect sense.

There will come a point, though, where it will make no logical sense to focus on Canva graphics as a business owner.. it would make far more sense, as your own CEO, to focus on CEO, not admin tasks.

Even for me, it doesn’t make sense to focus on the $10 per hour tasks.. at the expense of using my time wisely to focus on the $100 per hour tasks.

This is another area we can geek out on: using data to find out what’s worth the DIY and what isn’t, as your business grows.

If and when clients no longer have time for things like SEO and website maintenance, I’m here for them!

Heads up on what I don’t teach: 

1. Paid advertising. This is a highly specialized niche and I leave this to the experts who devote all of their time to paid ads.

2. Selling physical products online.

Right-Brained Guidance and Coaching

This comes in 3 parts: 

1. Creative and strategic thinking, 

2. Providing structure and accountability 

3. Mindset work

Although I am certainly a logical, left-brained thinker, I am ALSO very much a right-brained creative thinker who is pretty good at seeing the “big picture.” 

If the left-brained guidance is about tactical solutions for all the technical aspects of digital marketing, this plan is about STRATEGIC thinking, mindset, clarity, and staying on track. 

I’m not doing this just because it’s trendy and for just another source of revenue.. rather I found it is very much needed and has the potential to save clients a LOT of time, money, and energy that sometimes gets wasted on “wheel spinning” when going the DIY route, relying on Google. 

I witnessed firsthand that working with many “tech nerds”  sometimes makes the process more difficult than it needs to be due to lack communication skills, or lack marketing skills, lack of knowledge about a specific business,  or lack of creative vision. 

I also know that not everyone’s brains are “wired” the same way, and that sometimes it’s necessary to step back and take a more “inside out” approach rather than the typical “outside in” method to digital marketing and building your business. 

Getting started is easy

focused content

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The Intake

I’ll walk you through a complete “intake” focusing on your business and your ideal client or patient

your content is an asset


We work as a team. I’ll guide you in providing a strategy/plan. You’ll get support, accountability, and a safe place for forming and incubating new ideas


The choice is YOURS..


You can pretend to be "safe" by doing nothing

I believe that rebels like us (with a damn good cause) understand that in order to succeed, risks must be taken.

This is more true than ever. Those who hesitate, waiting for “the perfect time” to get started.. or who insist on doing things the way they have always been done, are simply going to be left behind.

NOT acting is what is risky.

If all that is keeping you from crossing that bridge is an actual plan, I have no doubt that you will find the perfect niche to serve.. AND earn a decent living, on  YOUR terms.

If it’s fear and doubt, let me reassure you, you are not alone. But there is hope and opportunity in what still most people are not able to see just yet.

Be an Early Adopter and a Leader

The way the marketing “game” is played is changing FAST. Those who arrived early in the game were able to take advantage of less competition, more relaxed Google algorithms, and the ability to do fairly well with an occasional investment in paid ads or networking groups.

Many even benefitted from “Gaming” the system. This whole game became officially obsolete as of last year. The good news is that those wo can see opportunity in places that most others overlook will be the ones that survive and THRIVE. 

There is no secret formula for success, but you can greatly improve your odds when you have a guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want BOTH right and left-brained guidance?

Great question!

I get it.. I’m both and right and left-brained, and myself have coaches that help me with both!

In a nutshell, we can work something out. I’ll give you my time and you can use it for the help you need most.

Can I hire you on a one-off basis?

For anything left-brained, technical, and tactical, yes. I offer hourly one-on-one training for now. (This could change in the near future)

For anything involving strategic thinking, mindset, and creative vision, I only offer monthly packages.

Can you help me set up a virtual practice?

Yes.. Absolutely!

I highly recommend PracticeBetter as a way to launch a virtual or telehealth practice.

There is more to it than booking software and Zoom, but you can certainly start with the basics. 

Keep in mind that a freedom-based practice isn’t just about LOCATION independence or “going virtual.” I speak from experience when I say that even if you live in Malta or Antarctica, if you are still dependent on booking time slots, and don’t establish firm boundaries, you’ll be a slave to your “job” (without the benefits of an employee)

I HIGHLY recommend starting to create assets that allow you to diversify your income, which is the core of what I teach. 


I’m an American working from South Central Europe. I’m 6 hours ahead of EST and 9 hours ahead of PST.

11 am – 7 pm CET • 5 am – 1 pm EST


October/November: Coaching for Income Diversification and Marketing Strategy slots open

October/November: Copywriting slots open, phasing out content writing and SEO services

Websites: Taking on only a few select clients in the future. 

How to get started

 Schedule a Zoom call to see if we have “chemistry” by clicking on the burgundy button. Please review this website first before we meet. That’s why it’s here!