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In A Crowded Marketplace, fitting in won’t help you succeed.

In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.    – Seth Godin


Celebrate your “graduation” with your new website.
Then get ready for the “real” work of marketing!


Everything about running a practice, from marketing to how you deliver your services, has changed RAPIDLY in the past few years.

It’s no longer possible to ignore online or digital marketing or hold onto old stories and myths about what it means, or keep shrouding it in a mystique that doesn’t help anyone.. certainly not a creative or health entrepreneur.

So let’s De-Mystify it!

Today, you need more that just a cheap and easy website “because everyone else has one.”

If you truly want to grow and scale your business, you will need a website that will actually function as more than just a glorified brochure. It is the hub of your entire marketing strategy.

In my opinion, a website is an absolute MUST, but it’s only the beginning.

Just as going to school and getting a license to practice is required for those in the health professions, it only qualifies you to just START practicing, from a purely professional standpoint.

For coaches, it’s also not enough to be a great guide, mentor, or teacher.

From a marketing standpoint, you still have to make sure that people know you exist.. and then know, like and TRUST you!

The truth is, you can’t assume that you will get a ton of traffic to your website just because it exists or even is indexed and the basic elements of technical SEO are in place.

You will need to promote and market in an intentional and strategic way. Much of this will be online.

Online marketing has nothing to do with being “slimy” or “pushy.”  Also, marketing is not just another word for advertising, which has its own meaning.

All these methods can be effective when done correctly and consistently. Your business, the current market, your target audience, and even your personality will make a big difference in how you approach your marketing, whether online or offline.

It’s not 2010 anymore. Or even 2015.

More and more people are not only spending more time online, they are actively looking for ONLINE solutions to their problems or answers to their deepest desires.

It’s easier than ever to get into the game, but at the same time, there’s going to be a lot of competition and noise. Now is the time to become savvy about what modern marketing REALLY is. (Not what most people think)

Even if you don’t currently plan to have an online offering in place, you will still need to have an online presence. Your online presence and your offline presence can and should blend together seamlessly.

That’s what a good digital marketing strategy can do for you.

If Your Website were a car..

Marketing is the engine and the moving parts that help you attract leads and get more business! 



 Attending a business networking meeting or event to give a talk about your insurance services

• Educating people in your area suffering with back pain (about your modality, the success of your treatments, and tips on self-care) via blogging and using keywords for Search Engine Optimization to attract patients in your local area.

• Posting amazing Instagram photos of the vibe of your hostel to backpackers worldwide.

• Creating a Facebook advertising campaign to attract leads for your power yoga for weight loss classes this January.

• Creating a Facebook group/community to support members, offer value, and refine and test your health coaching offerings

• Doing a Facebook live broadcast about your spring detox and capturing leads to your messenger funnel via comments.

Digital marketing is a science and an art

What we do as digital marketers:

• Build websites, the “hub” of your online marketing strategy.

• Bring visitors to your site, or “traffic” via paying attention to data and analytics, and developing a strategy.

• Help you discover what your ideal client, patient, guest, or customer wants and needs

• Leverage social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and many others in order to gain visibility online, generate traffic to your website, and of course, get bookings and sales! (conversions)

• Create engaging and informative content

• Help you build an “audience” and maximize interaction, or engagement, with them.

This process is fluid and dynamic. It can and should also be authentic and even FUN.. or your prospective clients, patients, and guests will sense it!

Digital marketing is both a “left brained” and “right-brained” skill. 

Digital marketing is a science and an art

What we do as digital marketers:

• Build websites, the “hub” of your online marketing strategy.

• Bring visitors to your site, or “traffic” via paying attention to data and analytics, and developing a strategy.

• Help you discover what your ideal client, patient, guest, or customer wants and needs

• Leverage social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and many others in order to gain visibility online, generate traffic to your website, and of course, get bookings and sales! (conversions)

• Create engaging and informative content

• Help you build an “audience” and maximize interaction, or engagement, with them.

This process is fluid and dynamic. It can and should also be authentic and even FUN.. or your prospective clients, patients, and guests will sense it!

Digital marketing is both a “left brained” and “right-brained” skill. 


Marketing, whether online or offline, is essentially about finding out where your audience is hanging out and interacting with them so that you can help those that want and need what you have to offer.  That can’t happen if nobody knows you even exist!  Marketing creates a win/win.



• You are just starting out. Even if you are on a shoestring budget you can still find resources to get you up and running till you get some traction, and reach the next milestone: 


• Your business is established but lacking growth. You don’t really have much time for marketing tasks that will ensure that your business will continue to grow, but you want to be sure that you can weather the “ups and downs” that can result from ignoring the implementation of a good plan.


You have a new business or practice, but you are already comfortable with marketing and are willing to invest the right amount of time, money, and energy into your business.


 Your business is rapidly growing and it’s time to outsource! (congratulations!)


There is a LOT to digital marketing. I’ve included a fairly comprehensive list to illustrate how marketing is more than just putting up a site with a phone number and a few blogs and waiting for people to magically appear to buy your products or services.

Basic WordPress development and design

I specialize in working with holistic healers, coaches, and the tourism industry.

I build simple, service-based sites. (no ecommerce sites) and know what marketing tools are needed for each.

My mission is to offer a balance of choice and an affordable price.

I set up websites so that they are prepared for the next step: Making the site a “marketing machine.” Note: This involves some of the steps below, such as opt-in lead magnets, email marketing, direct online booking, blogging, SEO, integration with social media, content upgrades in blogs posts, podcasts, memberships sites, and more. These services are provided as separate services with a separate fee and contract. 

Content writing and copywriting

Content, as they say, is king. Without content, you have no “gasoline” to run your “marketing engine.” In other words, if your website is the vehicle, writing and content is what makes the site visible and worth visiting.

I provide this service either for separate blogs and articles, ebooks, or on a monthly basis in my basic and premium marketing packages.

I specialize in functional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, and the tourism industry, and can create blogs based on how you want to communicate your message.

This means that the blog can be personal and conversational in tone, with anecdotal examples, or well-researched with cited sources, or anywhere in between.

You can find cheap writers via content farms and on freelance sites, but I prefer to do quality work and charge a fair price for what I do, generally in the range of $75 for a basic, conversational 500 word post to $300 for a well-researched 1500 word blog post. This includes formatting an on page SEO.

Keyword research is a separately billed service included in my monthly marketing plan. I HIGHLY recommend going with this service, for the best value. 

Need copywriting (sales copy) for your website? This is different from blogging. Prices vary according to the purpose of the content.

For example, copywriting for a landing page will cost more than creating a page about the services you provide.

Want to write you own content? Don’t think of content creation, whether its a blog or podcast or ebook.. as something that is going to suck the life out of you.. or something that will not give you a good return for your time or money investment.

Having a library of high-quality information is a very good asset to have.. and can continue to work for you, sometimes passively, even when completed.

Examples could include re-purposing blogs for speaking engagements, using them for the basis of  new course or chapters in a new book, or part of a paid membership area of your website.

Lots of good content also positions you as an expert in your field or niche.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

This can include a simple monthly strategy of blogging with on page SEO, or a comprehensive strategy involving list building.

Comprehensive SEO is a time-consuming and labor intensive project. This type of work is done on a monthly retainer basis as part of the content marketing package. I also like to educate my clients about SEO along the way, if they so choose!

Note: I do ONLY white hat SEO work, the old-fashioned way, and do not purchase outside links.

I also do NOT promise #1 rankings in Google and anyone who does this is deceitful at best.. and could be scamming you.

Data Analysis and strategic planning

(SERP, Alexa, Google, etc) This is an important step in developing a strategy for your business. You want to know how much traffic your website is getting, and how visitors interact with your site.

How long do they stick around?

What pages are they visiting?

What keywords are they searching for?

What actions are they taking on each page?

Are they clicking on the book now or learn more button?

What blogs are popular?

Might it be good to put a  CTA on those pages?

Without this information, you are merely “throwing spaghetti” at the wall to see what sticks.

Granted, this is still a better option than choosing not to throw ANY spaghetti.. so get blogging.. but you also want to start getting used to looking at data on at least a monthly basis.

Google has a lot of tools that help you do this, but there are many, many more free and paid services you can use.

Facebook and Google ads

I don’t focus on paid advertising at this time as I think it warrants full-time expertise to really nail it. I may add this service in the future.

Social Media

Social media will also help create visibility for your brand and help you directly engage with your audience.

Facebook groups are a wonderful “laboratory” for market research. It makes sense to find out what your market is looking for so you can adjust and serve them quickly and easily.

Plus, it’s actually fun when you are involved with the people you are serving.

For many, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are also untapped ways you can become more visible and get more traffic to that gorgeous new website of yours!

Tasks a social media manager may do:

Facebook post/content creation

Facebook strategies: Groups, Pages, ads

Instagram post creation and scheduling

Pinterest posts (Canva) and scheduling

YouTube channel managment. I added this because video is becoming more and more an important part of marketing online.

If you have not already started with video, now is the time!  Note: you don’t necessarily even have to always be on camera, especially if you are teaching something which is highly technical or visual.

Graphic design

 I currently specialize in .pdfs, social media graphics, and infographics. I no longer do logo design because of the time and expense involved to do occasional projects does not justify the purchase of either a subscription or download of illustration or image editing software. 

My specialty is creating .pdf’s and ebooks as lead magnets, course workbooks, etc. (note: I do not do ghostwriting for trade publications at ebook prices)

Video production and editing

This includes:

Minor editing for online courses

Script writing

Developing presentations and slide decks

Marketing Funnels

This is about creating a strategy for attracting, engaging with, nurturing, and possibly selling to potential leads, from start to finish.

For example, someone opts in and subscribes to your email list.. then you send an automated series of emails, offering more ideas, freebies, and value.

You do NOT want to start off with an offer out of the gates.. all of this is done respectfully, and many leads may never purchase, which is ok.. you STILL want to give them value.

So break out your favorite mind-mapping tool.. whether it’s an app or a box of crayons.. and have fun with this!

It is something you can do on your own, but it is also included in my coaching services.

Landing pages

Landing pages are either part of your website or stand-along pages that have some kind of CTA or “Call to Action.” They are specifically designed to “convert” leads or sell a product or service. This involves skill copywriting, providing CTA links to email, payment systems, and more. They are like “mini” websites.

Course creation

This can include anything from developing an outline, a draft, a script, slide presentations, assistance with screen capture/recording using Camtasia, uploading videos to a teaching platform, and creating accompanying workbooks.

Comprehensive packages could include promotion, landing pages, and email marketing.

Email marketing

Email marketing is like SEO and needs to be done on a consistent basis. Generally this includes creating campaigns, automations, and content for emails, as well as creating a “lead magnet” which can be anything
from a free ebook/checklist/guide to a video series.

Systems integrations

This means making sure that all your platforms, say your email service provider, “plays well” with other platforms and systems, such as your website theme, payment systems, or landing pages.  I do basic systems integrations for the systems I already use for my clients.

When I talk to a new client, we talk about ways to make your entire system as seamless and cost effective as possible.

Hiring Julie was the best investment I’ve made. She understood what I needed, knows her way around a WordPress website and designs marketing strategies that are creative!

The project outline she sent me triggered my own creativity for new client content. And, Julie suggested marketing strategies I never would have thought of on my own.

It was like have a tech guru and business mentor rolled into one!




Still a little confused by all the “digital marketing” jargon? Check out the Glossary page.

Also feel free to join the companion Facebook group I put together which can help answer day-to-day questions as they come up. (Digital marketing changes SO fast!)

Even if you plan on doing all of your marketing on your own (which is totally fine) you will need to do more than just  Google the latest hack or even pick someone’s brains in order to get started (to where??)

To succeed instead of trying random tactics (which doesn’t work) you will need a complete plan or strategy based on your unique business, goals, and personal preferences. 

That’s where I can help you. I’ve set up a few options that make it easy for you to get started, depending on where you are at right now.

The Rebel Wellness Practitioner Membership. A vault of some of my best stuff, all in one place and organized by category (no more digging through Facebook or Google to find what you need when you want it) for a low cost. Easier than Google, and fits within any budget. You also get live training calls and you can even participate by hosting or co-hosting your OWN event!

• The Future Proof Your Practice Toolkit, which is designed to get you up and running with our first online offering QUICKLY and for an entry level investment. From scratch. As in “I have no idea how to do this” to your first course up and running. From mindset to tech, I’ve got you covered. Includes a Facebook group where you can get support.

• Done-for-you services, including content marketing (an 8 month commitment) email marketing, websites built on the story branding framework, and more.