I offer StoryBrand websites, email marketing services, strategies, and training to help forward-thinking wellness professionals OWN, leverage, and market their expertise online, without the overwhelm. SCALE your business!


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your content is an asset

Save Time

Life is short. Put stuff you don’t need to do on autopilot so that you have more time for meaningful work and a life that matters to you

focused content

Gain Clarity and Structure

No more wasting time trying to figure out marketing and tech stuff over and over again. You are in control.

effective content

Be Yourself

We walk the talk when it comes to no BS authenticity. You get to show up as your real, genuine self every step of the way.

your content is an asset

Enjoy Self-Paced Learning

Create your own website, course, group program, or membership at your own pace without the overwhelm, frustration, or wasted time.

your content is an asset

Access Guidance and Help

Strategic coaching for your marketing or tactical  help with the “Tech stuff”

You are a “Rebel” who wants to create a business on your OWN terms

You can’t imagine doing anything else. You also know that you need the right tools to make it all work.

It can also feel overwhelming. You may be asking yourself:

  • “Where do I start?”
  • “What do I do NEXT?”
  • “ How do I stay on track?”
  • “How much time, money, and energy do I need to put in now? Can I start out with baby steps?”
  • “Am I just stepping into another rabbit hole of work?”
  • “What will my ROI be?”
  • “There is so much conflicting advice out there with marketing experts. Who do I trust?”
  • “ Will I be able to pull this off? What if I fail?”
  • “Is this all REALLY worth it?”

These are all great questions, and I have asked myself the SAME questions. Sometimes I still do!

You’ve been around long enough to know:

  • You want to either see fewer clients or patients so that you can work on a deeper level
  • You are not interested in HUSTLING to get more “warm bodies in the door”
  • You don’t want to spend hours researching stuff like what platforms to use or how to make all the “tech” pieces fit together
  • You definitely do NOT want to spend hours on social media to get more business
  • You DO want to DIVERSIFY your income and/or gear down for the next chapter in your business and life
  • You have accumulated a LOT of wisdom and you want to start leveraging it by creating some kind of “intellectual property.” (Books, courses, group programs, memberships)

I get it.

I believe that owning a business is hard enough, and that the whole point of creating other income streams is about making our lives easier and less stressful in uncertain times.

I believe that it is possible to create the kind of work for ourselves that is sustainable and serves the kinds of clients and patients we were meant to serve, and that we can do this with both 1:1 work and via more passive/hands off income.

How I help people create and grow a business on their own terms

1. Today small service-based businesses need more than just a “high vibe website that resonates with your tribe.”  I create and help service-based entrepreneurs build websites  based on the StoryBrand framework. They are designed not just look good, but have all the functionality you need as you start out, and as you grow and scale your business.

2. I understand how email marketing works, including how to weave it into your overall strategy and “story arc” so that you can start doing more than just attracting followers.. you can turn them into actual LEADS. I can help you set up an automation, create a lead magnet, build a funnel, or create effective copy

3. I have self-paced courses, classes and workshops, and lots of free content that will help you minimize the “overwhelm.” One of these may be perfect for you. The Future Proof Your Practice Toolkit has everything you need to create your first online offering (or hybrid clinical/online offering) in less than 30 days.

4. NEW: The Tell Your Story DIY Website Kit is now open. This isn’t a course, but an entire kit that includes a DIVI-built template, a copywriting guide, a course to take you from Zero to a launched website or even a landing page and memberships for your clients and students, and support.

If you aren’t sure, but need individualized help with your website, email marketing, copywriting, or strategy, you can get started below:

Work with me: Getting Started is simple

Step 1: Book a Zoom Clarity Call

This is by far the easiest way to connect, since I live in Europe.

Simply click here or on the “schedule an appointment” button below. 

DIY Courses can be accessed instantly upon enrollment.

STEP 2: Get Started With A Plan or Action Step

We’ll talk about what makes sense for you right now, whether you are a DIY’er or at the point where outsourcing makes sense.

The 30 min call is free, and will give you a clear idea of what to do next, or if we might be a good fit/have “chemistry.”

No more procrastinating.


Step 3: LEVEL UP

Now that you know exactly what your next step is, you can move forward with confidence as a freedom-based wellness entrepreneur, clinician, coach, or guide.

is your current website and marketing plan serving your vision?


I’m an American working from South Central Europe. I’m 6 hours ahead of EST and 9 hours ahead of PST.

11 am – 7 pm CET • 5 am – 1 pm EST


October/November: Coaching for Income Diversification and Marketing Strategy slots open

Websites: Taking on only a few select clients in the future. 

How to get started

Simply click on the many “Let’s have a virtual coffee” or “Book a call”  buttons or the floating burgundy button below. You will find a few questions to make sure that my work is a good fit for you.  From here, you can schedule a Zoom call to see if we have “chemistry.”


Coaching and Courses


You are serious about building a sustainable TIME and LOCATION independent business as a holistic practitioner, coach, or creative business owner

• You are ready to take your business to the next level and SCALE it so that you don’t have to continue to hustle just to get more people in the door, and burn yourself out in the process.

• You need CLARITY and a STRATEGY in order to create your vision (that’s pretty much all of us.. at every level!) 

• The thought of not only “tech” but “putting yourself out there” ..and fear.. have you stalled in your tracks

• You are ready to create and launch a course, value-based bundled package of services, or other offering online. (Going global!)

Lead Generation/Email Marketing


• You have a website and are ready to expand it by adding tools to generate leads and take your marketing to the next level.

• You are ready to start or continue to grow your list

• You are clear about your target market and your services and offerings. (If not, coaching may be the next best step)

• You have at least a basic understanding of a sales funnels and how to convert leads into paying clients, patients, or guests, or are willing to learn

• You are serious about  your business and understand the key role email marketing plays in scaling your practice or business


Websites based on story branding


• You are clear about your business goals, your target audience, and the purpose of your website. (or are willing to accept guidance)

• You are a beginner with websites but serious about your business

• You are a DIYer but are willing to let go and let someone else build your website

• You are advanced but don’t have time to maintain a site

• WordPress is your main platform

• You are willing to work with me to create a site based on the “story brand” of your business or practice


Copywriting and Story (Content) Marketing/SEO


• You have a clear vision of what you offer and of your ideal client or patient, and are ready to create a story marketing plan with THEM as the hero of the story

• You have a website and are serious about  your business

• You are regularly adding content to your website (blogs, podcasts, videos, etc) or are willing to do so, and recognize that your intellectual property is an asset

• You are at the stage when you are offering a specific product or service, and need copy or landing pages that convert


What Clients and Students are Saying

I finally committed to creating my first website. After beginning the process with someone who came highly recommended, I found myself with no information, no direction and a very poor, basic product and all the money I paid had been wasted. As a complete novice, I did not know what to do next.

Then I found Julie Odler, She quickly understood the depth of the work I offer and my unique offerings. She structured the steps of what I needed to do and educated me. Even better, she gave me permission to approach the process and content *my way*, while being encouraging and helpful. As Julie put it, “I turned the process on its head”. This was exactly what I needed, as I now feel seen, heard and understood. The result is a website that says what I want it to and represents me in the best possible way. I am so grateful that Julie has navigated this challenge with me. I highly recommend her!

Beth B

 I get really excited when I figure out how to do something myself. However, one of the ways I’ve been able to figure out as much as I have is because I learned to piece together many of the things I’ve learned from Julie!

Bottom line: it’s great to be able to do things for yourself, but first you need to hire a great teacher!


The Future Proof Your Practice course helped me feel more confident about learning how to use tech as a hybrid practitioner and the possibilities of working outside of my physical practice.

I really needed this as a mom with two kids in virtual school during the pandemic. It gave me a purpose while my practice was closed and showed me how I could one day earn an income in the virtual world by using my knowledge.

Julie breaks it all down for you, from attracting your ideal client to the platforms and software to implement, and progressing to more advanced concepts like analytics. I feel that anyone at any stage of their practice can benefit from this course, and it is so much better than researching and putting things together piece by piece on your own.

Julie really supports the online community and wants to know how she can help. I am getting ready to launch my first program thanks to her course and the tools she has shared!

Kim N

 I hired Julie to teach me how to build landing pages.

Who would’ve thought something that sounds so boring could be so exciting?

I’m great with the creative stuff, and I’m willing to share. Julie is amazing with the tech stuff, so reach out to her if need some help.

Marisa A


Got questions about your strategy or a specific tactic? Or maybe you just want to hang out with other practitioners and coaches who think differently and choose to take action rather than play the “blame and complain” game.

Join the group! 



Step 1: We hop on a Zoom call and discuss what you need and how I can best help you. 

Step 2:    I will send you a simple proposal or coaching agreement. Again, it’s easy. 

Step 3: We begin working together!  For larger projects I have my clients work with me on  Asana to keep everything organized and coordinated.

Let’s talk! The virtual wine is on me.