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I offer coaching, courses, and done-for-you services  designed to help forward-thinking wellness professionals OWN and leverage their expertise online,  gain trust,  and build relationships via telling a that  they don’t NEED to “sell” (especially their TIME) anymore.


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future-proof your business and get your wisdom out into the world

There really IS a better way to serve than being a slave to insurance companies, the commodification of health care, and the constraints of TIME. You don’t HAVE to play that game if you don’t want to.

The “magic bus” that will get you to this point is called digital marketing. It’s about how to get your wisdom and expertise out into the world…  It’s not about “tech wizardry” or sleazy selling techniques.

I get it.. I’m a wellness practitioner and acupuncturist. I discovered that practicing and marketing are not diametrically opposed opposites.They blend and work together, because marketing is really just about the client or patient journey, telling a story about THEM and how your services can solve their problem, building relationships, and earning trust.

This is the creative part of marketing, which I love, and so do many other creative entrepreneurs. 

In order to do this, we do need to have some basic infrastructure in place. You CAN set this up, whether you are a bootstrapping DIYer, an established practice, or if you find  yourself in a place where you have had to do some MAJOR pivoting. 

Start with this: 

Almost every business in existence today that is visible, has an engaged audience, a subscriber base, and a steady stream of leads owes this to something called “digital marketing.”

The lifeblood of a business, especially in this day and age. 

The main pillars of digital marketing include:

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that people can find you when they search for you (you’ll need a website or landing page, obviously)

• Social Media so that people can both search for you and discover you

• Email marketing so that you have a “rolodex” of leads you have permission communicate with

• Content Marketing, so that you can provide real value and earn trust without having to “sell.”

You’ll also need to develop or outsource skills. Some are non-negotiables if you want to earn an income:

• Creating an overall plan or strategy/Sales funnels

• Copywriting (probably the MOST important skill for making money)

• Design and branding

Other important assets and skills include:

 •Building or optimizing a website

• Social media campaigns and management

Some skills may play a role later on, as your business scales:

• Launches

• Paid traiffic campaigns

• Course and group coaching porgrams

• Video channels, podcasting, webinars

Yikes! This sounds like a LOT.  It does NOT all happen in a day, a week, a few months, or even a year in most cases.

It took me a few years to get where I’m at. All of this can also be done by taking small steps, and without breaking your budget. Because that’s exactly what I did. 

This is NOT about “the Hustle.”  Let’s bury that along with the old disco song with the same name.

In fact, you can set up a system that ELIMINATES the hustle that comes with the way wellness practices are typically set up: The “revolving door” or “fill  your schedule” merry-go-round.

It can be exhausting.

Creating a time and location independent wellness practice or business

If you are an introvert, like me, maybe you want to do things a little differently than your peers, and the concept of “slow scaling” may appeal to you.

I specialize in helping those who are getting tired of hustling and seeing a ton of people each week, even though we are told this is what we must do.

My jam is helping those who have a LOT of wisdom to pass on to clients, patients, guests, and even colleagues..and want to start introducing the concept of location independence into their life’s work.

NOW is the time to introduce an online course to help your patients.. or offer a bundled package to help them get even better results, offer more VALUE, and stop the discounting madness.

I can help you leverage your resources (time, money, energy, all the great stuff you’ve written, and more) so that you can choose NOT to have to DEPEND on trading “hours for dollars.” 

It’s also just plain smart to “future-proof” your practice by offering virtual services and
diversifying your income streams in these new times.

To put a positive spin on it, there has never been a better time to challenge the status quo.

If you stop selling your TIME, and start offering strategies that change lives, you'll thrive and help others thrive


I’m an American working from South Central Europe. I’m 6 hours ahead of EST and 9 hours ahead of PST.

11 am – 7 pm CET • 5 am – 1 pm EST


November/December: Coaching for Income Diversification and Marketing Strategy slots open

November/December:Email marketing slots open (Set up email marketing opt in form/automations

December SEO/Content marketing: 1 slot open. (this is at least a 9 mo commitment)

Websites: waiting list only

How to get started

Simply click on the many “book a call” buttons or the floating burgundy button below. You will find a few questions to make sure that my work is a good fit for you.  From here, you can schedule a Zoom call to see if we have “chemistry.”

WordPress Web Design


• You are clear about your business goals, your target audience, and the purpose of your website. (or are willing to accept guidance)

• You are a beginner with websites but serious about your business

• You are a DIYer but are willing to let go and let someone else build your website

• You are advanced but don’t have time to maintain a site

• WordPress is your main platform

Story (Content) Marketing & SEO


• You have a clear vision of what you offer and of your ideal client or patient, and are ready to create a story marketing plan with THEM as the hero of the story

• You have a website and are serious about  your business

• You are regularly adding content to your website (blogs, podcasts, videos, etc) or are willing to do so

• You know you need a good marketing plan in order to stress less about the “ups and downs” in your business.

• You are willing to invest in your content library as a valuable asset to your business. You know it will help establish you as an expert and that your content can be used and re-used in a multitude of ways.

Email Marketing


• You have a website and are ready to expand it by adding tools to generate leads and take your marketing to the next level.

• You are ready to start or continue to grow your list

• You are clear about your target market and your services and offerings. (If not, coaching may be the next best step)

• You have at least a basic understanding of a sales funnels and how to convert leads into paying clients, patients, or guests, or are willing to learn

• You are serious about  your business and willing to invest in it


Coaching and Courses


You are serious about building a TIME and LOCATION independent business as a holistic practitioner, coach, or creative business owner

• The website you planned to build for months is still only half done, or not even started

• The thought of not only “tech” but “putting yourself out there” ..and fear.. have you stalled in your tracks

• You have no clear vision or plan for your business and want to save time, money, and energy by getting clear about your strategy.

• You are ready to take your business to the next level and SCALE it so that you don’t have to continue to hustle just to get more people in the door, and burn yourself out in the process.

• You are ready to create and launch a course, value-based bundled package of services, or other offering online. (Going global!)


Get Started With A Plan

Maybe you are tired of hustling but don’t know how to get out of the “trading time for dollars” or “how am I gonna book more clients next week” traps. 

If you need a simple introduction to marketing a time and location independent business or practice but feel overwhelmed,  I’ve got you covered.

Here you will find plenty of resources, including my signature marketing courses specifically designed for DIY holistic practitioners who quite frankly DON’T want to see more and more patients and STILL not be able to get past an income limit due to the physics of time and the fact that we can’t clone ourselves.

Or maybe you are at a place in your business where you’re ready to move out of DIY-land and are ready to take your time and location independent business to the next level.

Check out the services we offer below.

Note: We do not offer VA or a-la-carte services at this time so that I can focus on providing top-notch and comprehensive strategies for my current clients (and keep Tech and Wine “time and location independent!”)

Down-to-earth digital marketing

Do you have time for obfuscated and deliberately mystified marketing geek talk? 

Me neither. Well, I’m actually KIND of a nerd, but my geekiness is more about how to explain it all in plain language for those who don’t want to spend hours staring at a screen and figuring out all the “tech stuff.” 

On the other hand, I have a soft spot for DIY types, nerds, wine, and those who seek freedom. 

If you are both creative and kind of a nerd, and need help with marketing that doesn’t feel like a version of hell, you are in the right place. 

I finally committed to creating my first website. After beginning the process with someone who came highly recommended, I found myself with no information, no direction and a very poor, basic product and all the money I paid had been wasted. As a complete novice, I did not know what to do next.

Then I found Julie Odler, She quickly understood the depth of the work I offer and my unique offerings. She structured the steps of what I needed to do and educated me. Even better, she gave me permission to approach the process and content *my way*, while being encouraging and helpful. As Julie put it, "I turned the process on its head". This was exactly what I needed, as I now feel seen, heard and understood. The result is a website that says what I want it to and represents me in the best possible way. I am so grateful that Julie has navigated this challenge with me. I highly recommend her!
Beth B.

I get really excited when I figure out how to do something myself. However, one of the ways I’ve been able to figure out as much as I have is because I learned to piece together many of the things I’ve learned from Julie!

Bottom line: it’s great to be able to do things for yourself, but first you need to hire a great teacher!

Cheryle F.

 I hired Julie to teach me how to build lead pages.

Last week, we had a Zoom call together. The conversation we had was the perfect analogy for the allure of a lead page.

I scheduled our Zoom call for an hour after the cable guy was supposed to be gone. Predictably, he was an hour late, and rang my bell exactly when our meeting started. Mildly annoyed, I told him that I would be on a call and couldn't be disturbed. "I'll be quiet," he assured me.

Julie and I started our call. As she attempted to explain how the whole process works, my brain finally made the connection.

"Wait, so a lead page is cleavage! Right?"

"YES!" she said.

"So it's like luring people in with the promise of seeing a boob, but you can't just go to the bar with your nipple hanging out, so you push them up and let people know that there's a lot more to see..."

So for those of you who are not tech-savvy, there you go. A lead page is cleavage. The first follow-up email is touching a boob. The second email is some over-the-pants hand action. Number three is lying in bed with someone while naked but telling them you're not quite ready to dive into it yet. And by the time they get email number four...

It's a whole mating ritual!

Who would've thought something that sounds so boring could be so exciting?

And my cable guy really enjoyed the conversation, too.

I'm great with the creative stuff, and I'm willing to share. Julie is amazing with the tech stuff, so reach out to her if need some help.

Marisa A


Got questions about your digital marketing game plan?

Join this great little Facebook group and get some support!



Step 1: We hop on a call and discuss what you need and how I can best help you. I’m in Europe so Zoom is the best option. You will automatically receive a confirmation and reminder with a Zoom link via email when you book. 

Step 2:  If you decide to work with me, I will send you a proposal or invoiceAgain, it’s easy. 

Step 3: We begin working together!  For larger projects I have my clients work with me on Asana, my favorite platform for project management.

This way we can keep tasks and projects all in one place and we don’t have to chase after multiple emails. You will love it for your work too!

I keep in touch with coaching clients via PracticeBetter, which is the software I’m also recommending for my clients. 

Let’s talk! The virtual wine is on me.

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