Next steps (No pressure, no "Discovery" calls)


Get started without the sales game

If you ended up here, you’re probably familiar with me and the work that I do.  Chances are, you already checked out some of my blogs or free content and decided that we just might be a good fit. If you aren’t yet familiar with me, I invite you to poke around..

So what comes next?

Not a “Discovery Call.” I don’t do those. (I don’t like the hidden agendas and prefer transparency and respect)

I also don’t do the “send me a proposal” game for those who aren’t serious. (I don’t have time)

We get right to the point in a way that benefits both of us and wastes less time.  This is my introvert-friendly process. It’s designed to be respectful of everyone’s time, and the one I recommend to my clients. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Need help with your marketing or branding? Complete a short but useful coaching/consulting application that will also help you think about where you are at in your business and what you might need. There is an opportunity there to ask me any questions you might have.  This alone could be more helpful than a typical “discovery” call. 

Need a website? This is where to start.

2. I review your answers and questions and send a personalized reply within 48 hours (excluding weekends) to offer the best solution for you.

Based on your goals and budget, (not a hidden agenda on my part) this could be anything from a free blog or workshop to a full-blown coaching package (or something in between.) 

If I don’t think I can help you or I have alternative resources for you, I’m honest and I’ll let you know.

If it looks like you would be a good candidate for coaching, I send a link to book your Freedom-Based Business Action Strategy Session and Plan. This is an actual coaching session with a written plan, just for you. ($97)

This is the first step in working with me directly.  

There’s no wasted time for you.. there’s no selling agenda or “closing” or any of that nonsense. You’ll actually get a pretty good deal on an actual coaching session.  Let’s be honest, I don’t want to get on the phone or spend a half day writing  proposals for people who are casually looking around, want to “pick someone’s brain” for free (I’ve got a ton of free content that I would rather direct someone to) or who aren’t serious about their business.  

Instead, I can spend more time making my current clients happy or living a balanced life. This is something I recommend to my clients as well!

The Action Begins

3. This is a real coaching call. We meet on  Zoom, which isn’t your typical “virtual coffee.” No sales pitch. I’ll listen, and ask specific questions about where you are at in your business, you current strategy, your brand, or anything else that is relevant to your situation or challenges. 

I’ll offer my best “this is what I would do if I were you” advice, and guide you to a good place to start. This is about strategy, not just random tips or social media hacks. You can find that online.

Through this exchange, we’ll also get acquainted.

4. You’ll get a written plan that you can use, whether you decide to move forward with me or not. (Note: If you do decide to work with me further, it may make more sense to delay a written plan till it’s a little more refined)

I’ll always be honest about what might make the most sense for you based on where you are at. It might include coaching, or a DIY program, a single strategy session, or a full on coaching package.

This may be the final step.  OR:

5. Should you decide to move forward on any of my offerings,  the $97 will be applied to the first payment.  Prices are usually pretty straightforward and can be found on the sales page you were directed here from.

6. We begin our work together.. I guide you through each step of the onboarding process to make it super easy for you. I have many resources to share for just about any learning style, and the goal is to help you integrate what you learn into your business in a way that feels easy and natural.


My coaching framework is based on the 8 pillars of a freedom-based business.

I take you through each process so that you don’t end up skipping (or getting stuck on) important steps.

This means I can help you:

  • Start where you are at, whether it’s from scratch or you already have some elements in place
  • Discover the gaps in your business, based on the 8 pillars
  • Dial in your values, story, mission and niche so that your marketing feels effortless: You are overflowing with content ideas and naturally attracting your ideal clients
  • Build, refine and position your online offering so that it ends up working for you for years to come, as an introvert who values their time
  • Break down your marketing strategy into chronological and actionable steps that fit into your busy schedule
  • Leverage the art of storytelling and the StoryBrand flow


  • Streamline your content marketing so that you no longer have to spend hours on social media
  • Discover an easy and natural way to attract clients or patients at every stage in the buyer’s journey
  • Build an “ecosystem” that makes it possible to attract and serve with confidence and efficiency
  • Create workflows that allow you to spend less time repeating the same work over and over, and be ready to hand over some tasks to a team
  • Learn how to gather and interpret data so that you can tweak, refine, and optimize what you create without guessing what’s working and what isn’t
  • Attract the perfect clients who are ready to buy now because they are actively searching for you



I’m an American working from South Central Europe. I’m 6 hours ahead of EST and 9 hours ahead of PST.

11 am – 7 pm CET • 5 am – 1 pm EST


March/April: Coaching slots open for Strategy Sessions,  30 day intensives, and 90 day plans

How to get started

Simply click on a “Get started” button and apply.  It’s easy and transparent.