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Health and wellness practitioners and coaches: I know what it’s like to have a business that runs YOU, instead of the other way around. 

How I got started:

TIME Independence Part One:

1. I had my own clinic that I wanted to run on MY terms.

I didn’t WANT to see 100’s of patients per week. Or even 100. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I wanted to go deeper with each patient and create a more transformational experience with each one of them.

I saw many of my peers were either:

A. Thriving on this model (for now, at least) and expanding. This model works well for some, but there ARE other ways to make a decent living that just never showed up on our collective radar.

B. Struggling because this model just didn’t match who they were. They were treating every encounter with their patients as a transactional experience, because we were taught that this is how you run a successful practice.

It was all about VOLUME, or quantity, not about quality or DEPTH.

 I dare say it wasn’t even about getting results.

This energy exchange, in addition to the scourge of undercharging, is what I believe is a MAJOR contributor to burnout among practitioners. These cheap hourly prices didn’t even feel like a great value for patients or clients.

Because when we treat our TIME like a commodity, we shouldn’t be surprised when our clients and patients do the same.

I also got VERY TIRED of repeating the same old information over and over again. How could I go deep with anyone if I had to keep repeating the basics over and over again: Drink more water. Get more sleep. This is how sugar affects your body and aging. Do this exercise to help with your back pain. It was boring and tedious. There had to be a better way to get to the “good stuff” that truly led to transformation.

Many of my patients needed something extra to help them in between appointments as well.

So I started creating more handouts and videos.

These eventually turned into courses, coaching, and “hybrid” programs.

By choosing to create some evergreen courses and hybrid products (including a hormone balancing program that combined digital courses with coaching, blood lab analysis, and acupuncture) I was able to create a truly transformative (results-based) experience, AND get appropriately PAID for it. 

I was able to say “HELL no” to insurance billing. 

Even before the pandemic hit.

This led to the pursuit of:

LOCATION Independence

2. I sold everything I had, including my practice, and decided to move to Europe. This was more of a personal decision. I wanted a fresh start, and I wanted to make anything I did, including my practice, PORTABLE.

This is when I REALLY began to geek out on marketing, and helping other practitioners get off the damn health practice treadmill.

This location independence on steroids is I thought was the KEY to creating a sustainable, freedom-based business and life.

Nope. It didn’t QUITE set me free. In fact, it was STRESSFUL.

If you too, are in these stages of exploring TIME and LOCATION independence, I get it! 

TIME Independence Part Two 

  1. I had to figure things out pretty quickly at this point. How could I refine the process? How could I create a system that could allow me to create a sustainable income doing what I love to do? (yes, marketing. I geek out on this stuff).

    So I did just that. And continue to do so to this day. 

My mission

That’s why my mission is to help more practitioners like you run a practice on your OWN TERMS, get your wisdom out into the world, create more impact, and leave a legacy.

At first, this is about addressing things like burnout and creating systems so that you don’t have to repeat yourself or be a slave to administrative tasks anymore. 

As a multi-passionate, I understand those who have more than one vision they want to bring into the world, especially as they get older and realize that they may want to explore other areas of their lives or bring more visions into the world. 

I believe that:

  • Being “multipassionate” is an asset. The combination of 4-5 things you excel at and also love will actually HELP you develop your niche in today’s competitive market.

  • Your time and energy are precious and finite resources. You can most certainly make money and NOT spend more time in the process, but energy, once lost, is hard to regain. Time, once lost, is lost forever.

  • It would be a shame if you didn’t have the opportunity to allow more people to have access to your body of work (including intellectual property) as you gain expertise and wisdom in your practice. When you have books, courses, and group programs, you provide an opportunity for those who may not be ready for your 1:1 services.

  • There are SO many options available to you. In the past few years, it’s become much easier to get started with creating a business online that can reach people all over the world. Now really is the time, because honestly, there’s going to be even more demand for health and wellness services, delivered in many ways that were previously inaccessible.. in the coming years.

  • There is SO much we can explore in this lifetime. Having these systems in place means that you can have a template for just about ANY business venture you want to pursue.

    Here’s a real photo of me. No fancy shoots. Just working at a cafe with a friend in Osijek, Croatia. 

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, but what you do CONSISTENTLY

  – Marie Forleo

Hiring Julie was the best investment I’ve made. She understood what I needed, knows her way around a WordPress website and designs marketing strategies that are creative!

The project outline she sent me triggered my own creativity for new client content. And, Julie suggested marketing strategies I never would have thought of on my own.

It was like have a tech guru and business mentor rolled into one!


Business (and marketing) is all about creating your OWN definition of success and building the systems and infrastructure to carry out your dreams.. over the LONG run.

How I can help you create freedom: 

Marketing course for level 2 holistic practitioners

My Future Proof Your Practice Toolkit has all the lessons offered by more well-known and expensive programs, but for a fraction of the price.

It’s created specifically for holistic practitioners and coaches who are interested in time and location independence or going beyond serving their local area. 

It’s designed to get your innovative offering out into the world in 30 days or less, even if you are starting from scratch. 

1:1 coaching for creating a time and location independent practice

Since each business is unique, it makes sense for me to also offer 1:1 coaching, and I’ve intentionally chosen to include this personalized service for those who can benefit from it and meet certain criteria.  

other services

Other services listed on this website included email marketing/email marketing setup, StoryBrand based websites, and copywriting. 

In order to sustain a truly time-independent business, virtual assistant services are no longer offered.



Still a little confused by all the “digital marketing” jargon? Check out the Glossary page.

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