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Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, but what you do CONSISTENTLY

  – Marie Forleo


It’s about creating your OWN definition of success and building the infrastructure to carry out your dreams.. over the LONG run.


This entire page is 100% bullshit-free. The photos are neither stock photos, nor the result of a photo shoot, but taken with my camera, except for the picture of me here (before getting my hair done)  at a cafe in Croatia.

No laptops on the beach, no bait-and-switch.

In a nutshell, what I mean by time and location independence is simply getting out of the trading-time-for-dollars trap that most new service-based entrepreneurs find themselves in. I have one client who refers to this as “spoon-feeding” her clients rather than giving them solid tools they can use to help themselves succeed.

So this is just as much about creating independence for your clients and patients as well. EVERYONE wins.

This is entirely possible, via ways you can set up your business, add books or courses or memberships, remote healing programs, homework and accountability programs, or whatever you can create using technology.. that will help you leave a legacy.

I DO offer courses myself, as well as help clients set up their “freedom infrastructure.” meaning content and all the “tech” bits and pieces and moving parts.

I help people translate their solo business into a website and marketing plan that helps them work less, earn more over TIME, and yes, do it from wherever they want, including in their existing clinics or offices.

I DO NOT offer $20,000 courses to show you how you can work from your laptop on the beach in Italy or how  you can “make 6 figures with this one simple formula.” That’s not what this is about, and there’s enough of this kind of bullshit to be found online as it is.

I’m about making an impact, creating personal MEANING as you get older, and doing it all on YOUR terms.

There’s more than one way to make an impact on the world.

Many holistic practitioners believe that the ONLY way to succeed is to keep seeing more and more patients or clients. The more, the better.

Although I understand that this model can work for many practitioners, I never found much meaning in this definition of success, either for myself or my patients.

I consider myself to be a combination of laboratory researcher, an experienced expert in some ways, a student in many other ways, as well as a teacher, a coach, and a documentor.

I considered my clinic to be more like a boutique “teaching clinic” than a patient mill or clinic for the masses. I also know that because of this, I’m now BETTER able to “serve the masses” if I so choose.

I’ve never considered myself a “healer” in the sense that I had to own 100% of the responsibility for making sure that my patients got well and stayed well.

My job was to HELP them heal, give them more tools so that they could not ony get out of pain but feel great and have the physical resources to do the things they loved, no matter what their age.

I was more into helping them transform, on a deep level, applying the science and practicing the art of healing, while continuing to grow and evolve. I watched my patients learn more and apply the tools I gave them.. whether it was how to tweak their training so that they didn’t have that nagging knee pain or guiding them through a hormone-balancing diet.

 In addition of course, to the acupuncture and some other tools I had in my toolbox.

My patients LOVED this, and when I looked at my calendar, I was energized. My patients and I were a perfect match.

I never was the type to want to see multiple patients per hour. I wasn’t just a “needle technician.” I was teaching people about biomechanics, coaching, helping them understand their blood lab results, showing them exercises, and using techniques that worked, but all this required my physical presence in the room at least 50% of the time. Which was fine with me.

Declaring independence from the “Time for Dollars” model

Going to a deeper level and becoming selective about the people I chose to work with meant that as time went on, my hard work was starting to pay off.

I could shift my focus to working with a more select group of people in a laser-focused way, while beginning to add tools that would  help patients get better results, and allow me to work FEWER HOURS.

Fewer hours working with individual patients, that is. I still working pretty hard.

I got busy behind the scenes. I wanted to start scaling my business and reach more people. At the time, I didn’t even know what “scaling” meant. I, like many practitioners, had a way of “shutting down” when it came to “marketing-speak.”

I started spending more time creating repeatable processes, such as a booklet that would help patients interpret their blood testing results, handouts, and later, digital courses and coaching.

I wrote several books and used them as resources that patients could use.

I created my first signature “hybrid program” which consisted of a combination of acupuncture visits, an 8 module digital course, blood test analysis, coaching, and herbs and/or supplements. I began to charge more for these packages, because of the exponential value they delivered.

I started really getting into business, websites and immersed myself in digital marketing. I discovered that not only was it NOT slimy, it was my GREATEST ALLY.

I was no longer interested in doing what everyone else around me was doing.

I created a membership model so that I could spend MUCH less time on admin tasks, taking payment, scheduling appointments, and recovering from cancellations. (all stuff I hated anyway)

It was a total win/win. My patients loved this model. There were only a few that balked at the idea of me taking CC info, but they turned out to be the kinds of patients I didn’t want to work with anyway.

There were also other practitioners who “didn’t approve” but I didn’t engage, and continued on.

My standard of success began to shift.

I knew that I had limits as far as  how many patients I wanted to see each week, as an introvert who wasn’t getting any younger. It didn’t feel meaningful for me to spend so much time investing in building a big clinic that could lead to me having to work even harder and harder each year to sustain it while at the same time not really making much of an impact on people’s lives in a way that felt right for me.

I know that some thrive on this model, but I just didn’t.

I didn’t want to trade time for dollars anymore. I didn’t want to have to train or babysit employees and I certainly did NOT want to come into contact with 100 people or more per week (the small talk alone would exhaust me)

I also certainly didn’t want to be chained to a physical location or go through the process of trying to sell a practice again.

So I started to build a different kind of infrastructure.

I’m a good writer and have a graphic design and prepress technician background with some experience in web design. I applied these skills to building more of my business ONLINE.

A few years ago, I had an opportunity to move to Europe. (It was more like I had to make a quick decision!) So I sold everything, including my practice, got on a plane for Amsterdam, and never looked back.

Now I’m only doing work that allows me to live wherever and whenever I choose. (Currently in the Balkan region in Croatia and Bosnia)

I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that I’m selling a “6 figure/laptop on the beach lifestyle. It’s been tough, and it has been fantastic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It also takes work. Not “hustle till you drop” work, but digital marketing  isn’t a magical “business opportunity” or a money pit. It’s about consistent work and having an open mind.

This paradigm that I’m embracing isn’t a fad or trend. More and more people are moving away from spending 100% their time in an office or clinic, and more time delivering services remotely or creating offerings that don’t require one’s constant physical presence.

Even if you have a local, brick and mortar practice, you will still need to market yourself online in order to compete, especially in cities where the market is saturated with Holistic entrepreneurs.  (See my blog about Dr. Google)

I built Tech and Wine to help other holistic practitioners who thrive on freedom and want to create their OWN version of success, using their website as the launching pad.

If you are an introvert over 40, there’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t want to keep hustling only to run into the upper limits of what you can earn. You’ll likely burn out LONG before you hit the “retirement zone.”

There’s nothing wrong with saying you want to downshift the amount of hours you are working AND make MORE money.

You can decide precisely how much time you want to spend working with people 1:1 or on building courses and programs, writing books, and teaching others (including peers) about what you do. This could even shift, evolve and change as you go.

If “busy moms” have “permission” to do this, so should people that are moving into a stage in their lives where it’s time to stop trading time for dollars and start the process of declaring independence from time or location.

To start creating a legacy based on your expertise, experience and unique gifts.

This entire website is for you if you would rather cut back on the time you spend having to be physically present.  I”m dedicated to helping both DIYer’s, those who would rather outsource, or are somewhere in between, to start building the infrastructure that will create their legacy.

I also help those who are starting out in their new practices, if they are open to learning about the elements of marketing a business online, which should be a priority in the 2020’s and beyond.

Freedom is never free. but it IS truly PRICELESS.

A Science and an ART

The Pillars of a Freedom-Based Business:

• A website that functions as MUCH more than a brochure. A “Next Level” website should have multiple ways to capture leads and and “invite people into  your world.”

• A way to consistently and easily communicate with the EXACT types of people you want to work with

• A clear and intentional method for producing income that frees up your time and energy: Paid content, books, courses, adjunct learning materials for your clinic, VIP memberships, and more

• A way to attract the right audience for you via organic methods: SEO, social media, and “giving” (lots of great content!)

A Science and an Art

The Pillars of a Freedom-Based Business:

• A website that functions as MUCH more than a brochure. A “Next Level” website should have multiple ways to capture leads and and “invite people into  your world.”

• A way to consistently and easily communicate with the EXACT types of people you want to work with

• A clear and intentional method for producing income that frees up your time and energy: Paid content, books, courses, adjunct learning materials for your clinic, VIP memberships, and more

• A way to attract the right audience for you via organic methods: SEO, social media, and “giving” (lots of great content!)


Level 2

There comes a time when practitioners are ready to go beyond:

• A  “desert island” website that only has 3 blogs, a basic ABOUT page, a phone number, and a way to book online.

• Complaining that the website they spent $300 in total for or $12 per month on.. (and NO time creating content for) hasn’t gotten them new clients in 60 days or less.

• Overwhelm and Paralysis

and move into:

• An entire ecosystem of interconnecting elements. Your website is connected to your email. Your Email is connected to your YouTube channel. And so on.. (Good news: I recommend only starting out with 1 or 2 social media channels, and once you set up a system all you have to do is PLUG everything in!)

• Personal responsibility for creating a business that will serve more people (including YOU) in the long run.

• Enjoying the process of beginning, learning new tools and implementing them, sharing  free and useful information on a consistent basis, weaving marketing into everything you are already doing, cutting back on what you DON’T need.. and sitting back with a glass of good wine and feeling proud of what you built

you know it's time to create time and location independence when:


• You have a positive mindset when it comes to marketing an think of it as a way to
“spread the love” rather than something “egotistical” or “slimy.”


• You are an introvert who  enjoys crafting experiences for a select few, and also enjoys writing  content and assembling structured programs and materials to add TONS of value and help clients and patients get better RESULTS.


• You are honestly exhausted by the idea of seeing a lot of people each week and think to yourself “there has to be a better way.”


• Your town or city is saturated with holistic practitioners and you need to offer something that’s more unique and  has more value than what your competitors are offering


• You are a wise, experienced practitioner of a “certain age” who needs to find a way to both ease into “retirement” and leave a legacy for either your patients/clients or newer/younger practitioners

How Tech and wine can help you create freedom: 

Marketing course for level 2 holistic practitioners

Once a year, I offer a program that has all the lessons offered by more well-known and expensive programs, but for a fraction of the price, and created specifically for holistic practitioners and coaches who are interested in time and location independence or going beyond serving their local area. 

1:1 coaching for creating a time and location independent practice

Since each business is unique, it makes sense for me to also offer 1:1 coaching, and I’ve intentionally chosen to include this personalized service for those who can benefit from it and meet certain criteria.  

other services

Other services listed on this website included email marketing/email marketing setup, WordPress websites, social media strategies, SEO, and content marketing. 

In order to sustain a truly time-independent business, virtual assistant services are no longer offered.


Hiring Julie was the best investment I’ve made. She understood what I needed, knows her way around a WordPress website and designs marketing strategies that are creative!

The project outline she sent me triggered my own creativity for new client content. And, Julie suggested marketing strategies I never would have thought of on my own.

It was like have a tech guru and business mentor rolled into one!




Still a little confused by all the “digital marketing” jargon? Check out the Glossary page.

Also feel free to join the companion Facebook group I put together which can help answer day-to-day questions as they come up. (Digital marketing changes SO fast!)