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The Thinker, Teacher, Expert. The Librarian, and the Curator of Knowledge and Truth

Your Mission as the Sage Brand Archetype

To find truth and gain wisdom, and to teach others what you know. Mentorship. 

Introduction to the Sage Brand Archetype

Also known as the: Expert, scholar, Detective, Advisor, Thinker, Academic, Researcher, Planner, Professional, Mentor, Teacher, Consultant, Investigator, Analyst, AND the character in the action movie that knows how to hack the security system. PROUD to be a “nerd.” 

What customers feel when they interact with your brand: Educated, “in the know”, wise, “I understand,” engrossed. “I feel smart and competent.”

Brand Superpower: Wisdom, Intelligence

Brand Nemesis: Being duped or misled. Ignorance. Being outsmarted. 

Potential pitfalls: Can study details forever and never act. Lack of feeling/emotion

Brand voice: Factual, decisive, authoritative, intelligent, researched

Cliches to avoid: Cold colors, the “flat people” illustration style, and pictures of pristine white desks, laptops, and lattes. Go retro. Go totally futuristic. Use rich imagery. Don’t be afraid to do something different from what everyone else is doing. (I’m a steampunk fan) You can be a champion of curated knowledge, but that doesn’t mean you need to be stale and boring.

Famous Sages

Hermione Granger
Sherlock Holmes
Velma (The Scooby Gang)
Giles, Mentor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Words that describe your brand

Famous Sage Brands

Famous Brands Sage Archetype


To understand the world and teach others what you know


Seek knowledge and truth via study, research, self-reflection, objectivity, and diligence

Biggest Fear

Being duped, misled, wrong, or outsmarted

Traditional Colors

Sage colors can be evocative of the past. Think library books, old parchments, wood, copper, and sage green.

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Futuristic Sage

Knowledge and experience can also shape the future. Cool tones and images that convey high tech may be more appropriate for your brand.


Think Sherlock Holmes. The victorian version and the TV series. 

Learn more about the 12 brand archetypes

The Royal

The Royal brand is sophisticated, elegant, and ambitious. Your audience aspires to be part of an exclusive community that focuses on prestige, high quality, and luxury. Your mission is to show them that they deserve the best.

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The Caregiver

The Caregiver brand is generous, empathetic, and caring. You inspire trust and provide a sense of protection and safety in a brutal world.  Your mission us to serve those in need and help them to feel seen, heard, and supported.

The Creator

The Creator is  innovative, imaginative, and genuinely unique. You are the muse for your creative community.  Your mission is to help others turn their unique visions into reality, and also level up into mastery and virtuosity.

The Innocent

The Innocent brand is wholesome, honest, and pure.  You inspire simple joy that is hard to come by these days. Your mission is to show the world genuine, unspoiled optimism with a dash of sentimentality or cuteness, along with a strong dose of hope.

The Sage

The Sage brand is  intelligent, experienced, and values the pursuit of knowledge and truth.  You lead by demonstrating clarity, strategic thinking, and insight.  Your mission is to help your audience find truth and gain wisdom on their own

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The Explorer

The Explorer brand is the “Indiana Jones” of their niche.  You are a natural seeker, adventurer and courageous risk-taker who values freedom and fulfillment.  Your mission is to help your audience discover and blaze their own trail.

The Hero

The Hero brand is about unwavering courage and overcoming challenges. Leadership comes naturally to you, and you are a true warrior and a badass. Your mission is to empower your audience via determination, achievement, and mastery.

The Mage

The Mage brand is about transformation and vision. A natural alchemist, you inspire with a charismatic blend of mystery and unique insight. Your mission is to help your audience to turn their dreams into reality.

The Maverick/Rebel

The Maverick/Rebel brand is edgy, bold, and unapologetic. You’re a true non-conformist and are not afraid of “crossing the line” or pissing people off. Your insight is refreshing to your audience.   Your mission is to make a difference by disrupting the status quo and  calling BS on what isn’t working.

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The Down-to-Earth Friend

The Down-to-Earth brand is genuine, approachable, and trustworthy. You are practical, loyal, and humble, and believe in the power of the everyday person.   Your mission is to build an accepting, warm, and friendly community.

The Jester

The Jester/Entertainer brand is clever, indeed. Whether it’s dark, satirical, goofy, or otherwise, your brand is adept at using humor and wit to communicate your message. Your mission is to entertain via spontaneity and wit. (No easy task!) 

The Lover

The Lover brand is about pleasure, beauty, and desire. You cherish intimacy and passion. Your mission is to inspire others to follow their heart and to enjoy life by indulging in their deepest desires, because life is too short and precious to do otherwise.