Work With Me

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First, I’ll be honest, I don’t work with everyone.

I work with those who I feel I can honestly help. I love my clients and want to make sure I give them the best I’ve got.

If you are:

Open to new ideas for ways of bringing in new clients, patients, customers, and guests

Able to trust the process and stay consistent in your efforts

Willing to face your fears and mindset blocks that keep you from moving forward, should this be an obstacle for you. (Procrastination and Perfectionism are 2 classic signs)

Willing to contribute as part of the team.. taking photos, providing content, giving feedback, and doing “homework” when applicable

Focused and able to follow through (even as we work on getting past “Shiny Object Syndrome” together

We will make a good team, and dare it say it.. we will have FUN working together!