• A VIP community with most of the same tools (only better, and with more privacy) than you can find on other social media platforms.  (If Facebook and Podia had a love child.. this would be it) 

• A clean, uncluttered, distraction free zone where you can find answers you are looking for without having to work hard to find what you need or get diverted into a “cute goat video” rabbit hole. (You are the master of your attention, not FB!)

• Open forums where we can have actual conversations as a group or network about marketing, mindset, wine, dogs.. and more. (Yep!)

•  FREE Live group coaching calls. So yep, it’s like getting coaching from me, for $19 per month.

• An opportunity to contribute by creating your OWN events and promoting yourself within my network.

For the months of June, July, and August: 50% of the proceeds go to Happy Tails Srebrenica to help stray dogs in Bosnia.