Websites and Landing Pages

Your website isn’t just a piece of pretty branding or a glorified brochure, but neither is it a piece of flawless code that does nothing to drive traffic to your site or reflect you and your business.

My goal is to work with you to create a simple and elegant site that is the perfect combination of branding, storytelling, content to establish you as an expert, marketing tools, and a site that is fast and stable and easy for you to manage without being “held hostage” by a developer for every small change you need to make.

Beth Hill Blair: Coach

This is Beth’s first website. The challenge: visually and verbally communicating the unique service that she offers within a market that can be quite competitive.

She was also my first coaching client. We approached the entire discovery, design, and building phases in an entirely different way than what most developers and designers use.

Since it’s a WordPress site from the start, she owns it  outright, and we are starting out slowly with basic marketing functions like an opt-in form for lead capture, an easy way to book and pre-qualify new prospects, and a consistent blog with an SEO strategy right out of the gate.

It’s set up to grow and be a powerful marketing tool that will evolve with her business. 

It’s also a nice, easy user-friendly site not just for clients, but for a website owner who describes herself as being “very non-technical.”


Kardia Chiropractic

My client, Joel, is indeed not a typical chiropractor.  His personality and love for vibrant color sets him apart.

His old website clearly did not reflect who he is. This website is all about creating a beautiful site that can also function as a “marketing machine” for a holistic practice.

He is now enjoying the process of blogging with strategic keywords. We have also carefully re-directed old blogs that were no longer relevant to his approach and philosophy to new blogs that he is in the process of writing. 

For Dr. Joel, continually creating and developing content that RESONATES with his target audience will be key. I’ll keep you posted with the results (SEO, traffic, and conversions)  of this newly-launched site. 

He has also discovered that he enjoys communicating via video.. no problem there! I highly encourage my clients to use video to its fullest. It translates well on today’s websites, and helps get more traffic to your website, along with a YouTube account and leveraging other social media channels like Facebook.


The goal for my client and his guesthouse was to mitigate his reliance on OTA’s. (online travel agents) which tend to dominate the tourism industry.

His old site was functional bit a bit dated and “cluttered” with a lot of info.

We created a simple site with pages that showcase the beautiful island where his guesthouse is, via telling a visual story.

Of course, we wanted to make it easy to navigate to booking as easily as possible, since visitors are likely finding him on mobile devices (and likely weary from travel)  and need to find this kind of information quickly.

We made sure there was room to grow by adding features for lead capture for those planning a vacation on the Croatian Coast.

Coming Soon: The Balkan Nomad

This is a passion project for me, as someone who has chosen to live in “the region formerly know as Yugoslavia.” 

This particular site is all about creating a visually captivating place where (hopefully) people will hang out and “binge” on the photos, videos, and blogs about what it’s like to transition from life in the U.S. to the “Balkan” region. 

Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Setting up an email marketing lead capture systems involves not only the creation of a form and the “lead magnet,” but integrating systems and making sure that all the “moving parts” are in place.  

The platforms I currently use are: WordPress, Thrive Plugins, Hustle, Kartra, and occasionally SquareSpace. (which I advise against for the long term(

Healing Point Therapeutics

Setting up an email opt-in form and lead magnet: Audio meditation track in Soundcloud. This campaign grew here mailing list by about 3-10 new leads per day. 

The Past Life Archeologist

A quiz based on 3 “archetypes” used as a lead generation tool. This involved a slightly more complex “funnel” in order to segment the email list and really focus on each type and their unique needs. 


SEO involves a lot of research, data analysis, writing, and outreach. Here are some samples of the SEO/content marketing I did for a Bed and Breakfast in Croatia.. and a housecleaning company in Washington state in the U.S. 

You will see how keywords are naturally woven into the content and blogs. 

Villa Pape B&B in Trogir, Croatia

This has been one of my favorite projects. 

I can’t take credit for the website.. the owner did a great job with it. 

I created the SEO optimized intro you can find on the index page. 

I also researched trends and keywords, and did some analysis of the competition to arrive at a content writing strategy based on seasonal offerings. 

For example, wine was featured in the fall, and healthy Croatian cooking in the spring. 

I’m also hoping that the blog is “bingeable,” meaning that people will hang out on the site for a while! 

Bellingham's Best Housecleaing

I wrote several articles for this website, specifically optimized for SEO. This can be a challenge in some markets, as the goal is to create 1800-2000 word articles that sound natural. No keyword stuffing here! 

video and slide presentations

I’m including a brief description of the work that I do that is generally only available on paid membership sites or as a paid course. 

I have created courses from start to finish.. including concepts, scripts, PowerPoint and Google slides, video, editing, worksheets, setting up in a teaching platform (such as Teachable) and creating workarounds using my own landing pages and payment solutions.  


"TED talk style" slides and Holistic health courses

Making a visual impact is important for slides, presentations, and courses. I’ve done this for business leadership, Chinese medicine and functional medicine courses on hormone balancing, and soon, digital marketing courses for visually-oriented creative people. 



This video gives you an idea of how you can creatively use video to “qualify” prospective patients and make sure that the expectations of new patients are being managed correctly.

I can’t stress enough how valuable even a simple tool like this has been for me.


I’ve come full circle. Graphic design is how I got my start “back in the day” Ok, as in when the first Mac desktops came into being. 

My specialty is creating .pdf books for lead magnets. For social media, I stick to Canva. 


I create entire .pdfs which can be used as free lead magnets, as workbooks for online courses, or full-blown books you can sell on your website. 

I can co-author these books to place on your acupuncture, chiropractic, or tourism website. (I specialize in the Dalmation region of Croatia)

Depending on size and scope of work, prices start at $99.

Let’s keep in touch