The “Marketing First Steps” series

Messaging Mastery

Choose Wednesday, September 20 6pm – 8pm  EST or Saturday, September 23 10am – 11am EST

focused content

Articulate what you do and how you do it, clearly and confidently


effective content

Get genuinely excited about sharing your talents with the world


your content is an asset

Stand out in a crowded market in the age of AI with compelling copy


your content is an asset

Spend less time doing marketing that feels fake and exhausting

your content is an asset

Attract great clients who value you and your services

Articulate your message in a way that is authentic and compelling. 

Hi, I’m Julia.

I’m an acupuncturist, marketing nerd, on-and-off digital nomad and dog lover currently living in Bosnia.

I love working with entrepreneurs who are ready to add an online offering into the mix.

Like you, I also want to be able to find joy in my work and create a business that is both fulfilling and sustainable.  I get to work with clients who are a good match, value my work, and benefit from it.

I do NOT enjoy being perceived as a commodity and working with clients that don’t understand or value what I do. (I did learn this the hard way)

I’ve learned that the only way to empower myself and attract ideal clients is to clearly  define, refine, and articulate the what, who, and how of what I do.  Clients appreciate this too because they don’t have to waste time trying to figure out if I can solve their specific problems or not. 

All of this happens BEFORE I think about things like email or websites or social media or sales funnels. There’s no point in building a website or starting an email, social media, or ad campaign without knowing what the heck to say!


Julie Odler Marketing Strategist
Julie Odler Branding Coach and Marketing Strategist 1

And this  is where many entrepreneurs struggle, because they skip the ESSENTIAL and perhaps most important part of the marketing process: Establishing your niche, ideal client, message, story, and brand, so that you stand out from the crowd in today’s market. 

Especially since AI has come on the scene.  When it’s not used properly, more and more communication starts to sound the same, and the more people are likely going to tune out. I don’t want that to happen.

I believe that entrepreneurs have something of value to share with the world. One of the first steps is knowing how to capture, articulate, and differentiate what we do (and how we do it) before trying to market or distribute anything.

That’s why I created this workshop.

I know that this isn’t about me having everything all figured out. I don’t, and will always continue to learn and grow. 

It’s an evolving process. Learning this skill will help you navigate as you learn and grow, and as the world changes. It will help you attract the right leads. It will help you write copy that sells. It will help you feel GOOD about your marketing. 

Are you ready to tell the world what you do.. and feel great about it so that you attract more of the people who value what you do?

What you’ll get out of this workshop

  • What the heck messaging actually IS (and isn’t)
  • How to make your marketing easier by intentionally creating a message that works from the “inside out.”
  • How to make your copywriting 100x easier and more effective
  • The WHY part of what you do what you do the way you do it!
  • Translating your WHY into powerful words and statements so that your message remains consistent
  • How to really understand your ideal client so that your brand attracts and resonates ONLY them, and (yes) repels the rest
  • Discovering WHY your ideal client would buy from you
  • Determining the TONE you want to convey in your messaging (Don’t rely on AI for this!)
  • How to easily create a mission statement or “elevator speech”  that doesn’t make eyeballs glaze over and roll
  • How to remain relevant in a crowded market where it seems as if everyone is doing the same thing you are
  • How to make brand messaging work in industries that are not easily understood (such as acupuncture)
  • How to speak up, take a stand, and be yourself so that you are a refreshing and much needed breath of fresh air to your ideal client
  • How to use AI effectively so that you don’t sound like part of a monolithic, homogenized voice in your industry

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to be more proactive about how your brand is perceived
  • You are tired of dealing with “less than ideal” clients or candidates that don’t value what you do.. and would rather filter them out before they even appear on your radar
  • You are tired of playing “the game” and just want to be confident in the values, mission, message, story, and brand you created.
  • You don’t want to rely on external factors like algorithms and Ai to speak for you. You have your OWN ideas to share. 
  • You are getting ready to build a website, email campaign, ad campaign, or sales page, and you don’t really know how to articulate what you do in a compelling way
  • You have grown or evolved, your industry has changed, your local market has shifted, or the kind of clients you want to work with has changed

This workship is not for you if:

  • You don’t want to communicate with your audience about what you do. You instead prefer to have them read your mind, overlook your generic, low-quality, or non-existent messaging, and perceive you as just another commodity
  • You would rather focus your time on adapting to the latest trends on social media.
  • You have the energy to “play the game” instead of showing up as yourself and being confident about the brand you created and what it stands for
  • You are already super excited each time you have a new idea you want to share, because you know your ideal client VERY well, you spent time mastering how to articulate what you do, and it shows. If that’s the case, You don’t need this class! (although we can always refine our message, because it’s always evolving!)

I recently took a class with Julie: Using Storytelling in Your Email Marketing. This workshop is jam packed with information that I believe will help anyone as they incorporate storytelling into their business and marketing.

It really opened my eyes to all the ways I can incorporate storytelling in not only my emails but also on my website and with Social Media. 

Julie walked us through step by step WHY Storytelling is so powerful and important in any marketing strategy.  And then she explained how to go about it using different examples.  The class was incredibly thorough, touching on lots of information and tidbits that I would never have thought of.

Anastasia P.

Working with Julie has brought in specific techniques and ideas that I could not have come up with on my own, and that have enriched my offerings as well as streamlined my business procedures.

For example, today we discussed details around having a questionnaire for filtering potential clients, and expanded on the idea of more effectively and accurately assessing the timeline and the nature of their urgency (to avoid wasted discovery calls with clients who are not going to be a good match for our high-touch programs). The result of the content and conversation is that I can meet the needs of my clients and potential clients more efficiently, and also spend less time managing the processes; instead I can dedicate that time to creating new content and offers. My clients can look forward to more meaningful offers, and I can save time and energy while meeting their needs better and making more money for my time.

Danielle B

The Friday class was so awesome, packed with info and really easy to follow, and dare I say – FUN! Thanks for taking something so intimidating and making it easy to understand

Kate S


Choose between the following times for your convenience:
(These are generally 2 hour immersive workshops)

Date TBD at 6:30 pm EST

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your content is an asset

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your content is an asset

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