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website shame?

It’s a real “thing.”


I’ve had it before too. This it what it looks like:


You start out with the best of intentions by building your own website, or by saving time by hiring a designer.

If you don’t  know what you are doing, or hire the wrong designer, the result can be frustrating: 

• You end up secretly hoping that nobody will actually see your website

• You end up spending days, weeks, or even MONTHS on tweaking your website, but with less than stellar results

• You end up more time and money than you would if you were prepared BEFORE getting your site built

• By the time you catch up with making small changes to your site, it’s already dated and no longer reflects who you are

• You may have even had a bad experience with a previous developer who knew nothing about marketing or communicating with their clients, especially in your industry.

(You know, the type that thinks it’s all about the code but makes ugly websites that have no marketing function, or the “branding cuties” that focus on branding but not on functionality or marketing)

• You are crushed when you find out that branding alone didn’t bring more visitors to your site

• You end up with nothing to show for their investment of time OR money. Stuck back again at SQUARE ONE

• You don’t even know what square one IS anymore

• Your site is totally out of alignment with who you are and what your business is about


completely lost.

I recently had a client who has this tale to tell:


“I hired a web developer who gave me absolutely NO guidance on how to put a website together. It was like I was expected to build a house from a pile of wooden boards and a few bags of concrete.”


I saw this site myself.. it was, actually, pretty bad. There was absolutely no thought put into the site.. sure, maybe the code was great, but there was no structure, no functionality, no marketing plan or purpose, no branding, and it was ugly.

She knew it, but didn’t know where to even START.

The result: A lot of wasted time, money, and energy. It took over a YEAR for her site to get built!

I’ve also had clients who hired branding experts to make a pretty website, but without any clear idea of how the site was supposed to function as a marketing tool for the SPECIFIC business that my clients created.

Again, a lot of wasted time, money, and energy.

Sound familiar?

My clients didn’t have what most web developers, designers, and agencies REQUIRE before taking on a client:


It's Not Your Fault

Nor is it necessarily your web developer’s fault, exactly..

This happens because people haven’t done the “prep work” needed before they even think about things like domains, landing pages, and such. It’s the developer/designer’s responsibility to make sure that this prep work is done before building a site.

I’ll be honest: When someone says to a designer “I’ll know it when I see it” this is NOT a good sign for either the client or the designer.. even if that designer is building their own website. 

I’ve seen this so many times, and I saw the struggle.  Money was invested, plenty of work was done, but websites were delayed by months, often never going live. This doesn’t help anyone.

Trying to build a website when you aren’t ready, with a developer or designer who also doesn’t understand your needs, or has to GUESS what you need, sets everyone up for failure.

Trying to figure it all out on your own while running a business usually results in underperforming  (weak) websites.

I don’t want to see that happen!

Are You Making These Mistakes?

There’s no judgement here. I’ve made many of these same mistakes, including letting toxic perfectionism get in the way.  In fact, making mistakes and failing is a normal part of the process of running a business, but I still want to help you avoid the bigger, more costlier mistakes that you may be making.


The common threads in the industries I work with are:

• Unprofessional looking websites that look thrown together without much thought

Or.. worse yet…

• Procrastination: Sites that never go live

• Wasting time, money, and energy in the long run by not having a clear vision, awareness of marketing,  or the skills, or tools needed to succeed

• Frustration from not getting the RIGHT clients, patients, and guests, which leads to a spiral of burnout

• Throwing money at SEO with a “thin” or flimsy website that has little or no substance or content

Each industry I work with has it’s own unique challenges:

Website Mistakes Holistic Practitioners Make

• Focusing on terms that have lost their meaning due to overuse, such as “holistic” and “healing”

• Visual cliches: Using the the same photos everyone else is using, like a picture of a pile of rocks or someone running through a wheat field

• A boring bio about their qualifications that reads like a resume

• Jargon: A site full of talk about qi or chakras or functional medicine terms instead of focusing on the patient or client and the language they would use to solve their problems

• Not nearly enough content: A handful of blogs written 8 months ago

• Conversion method = a phone number, a contact form, and wishful thinking

• Method for driving traffic to their site and building leads = handing out business cards, telling people to visit their website, and a prayer

• Not taking advantage of the fact that more and more consumers seeking health care DO THEIR RESEARCH ONLINE to find a practitioner that fits their exact needs

If you don’t have content for people to research, you are missing the boat

THEME: Establish yourself as an expert who publishes information that people research when making healthcare decisions.

Website mistakes coaches make

• A vague idea of their USP and target market. (Translation: Unique Selling Proposition. Who they are, what they do, who they serve, what makes them unique, and how it can help others)

• Changing directions and focus due to lack of clarity/too many options, or trouble developing a niche

• Using too much psychobabble and “life coach speak.”  Using terms that have lost their meaning without adding context, like “mindset” and “goals” and “transformation.”

• Awareness of online marketing tools, but not using them NEARLY to their potential

• Lack of visibility in a very, very competitive market

THEME: Find a SUPERNICHE in a broad market.. and be your unique self.

Website Mistakes Innkeepers Make

• Over-reliance on OTA’s. Being at their complete and utter mercy, giving up

• NO brand. They rely on reviews alone

• No content outside of a few photos and copywriting that looks like it has been copied and pasted from a standard vacation rental or OTA listing

• No clear definition of a niche. Does your target audience REALLY only want a swimming pool and a nice room they will see maybe for a few hours of the day, (maybe they do, or maybe not) …or an EXPERIENCE?

• Not taking advantage of becoming a go-to source of information helpful to tourists in your area

THEME: Be brave enough to declare your independence from OTA’s,  (or at least don’t put all your eggs in one basket.) Be a rebel in the defiant act of creating a cool online space that focuses on providing not just great “insider”  travel info for your guests,  but an EXPERIENCE they won’t forget.

Keep on top of trends like sustainable tourism  and find your niche within these trends. Use your website to showcase it all.

Wouldn’t it be GREAT to have Someone to Lead and Guide You Through the Process?

I’m talking a little extra hand-holding. An individualized approach that bridges the gap between the “developer” and the “non-techy” client.

Hi, I’m Julie.


I want to help you lay the groundwork for a  website you can be proud of. I know how hard it can be when you first start out and are trying to navigate not just the left-brained “tech” stuff, but also the creative part of defining who you are on your website.

I’ve worked with plenty of entrepreneurs just like you.. and I’m ONE of you, as I myself practiced acupuncture for 5 years.

I learned a lot from that process and got pretty good at defining my target market and building systems, including a website, that would help me actually work less and make more.

I created this program simply because I saw a real NEED for this kind of service.


It was hard for me to watch others waste so much time and money because they didn’t lay the groundwork and didn’t have an easy transition between defining who they are and getting a website built.


I’m going to be honest: This type of coaching works best when it’s done before website production takes place so that planning and production is a pleasant and seamless process.

As a matter of fact, I won’t work with clients that don’t have this groundwork in place or are not willing to go through this process.

Neither would any reputable agency. And that process isn’t cheap!

My goal is to make it accessible for those with small businesses.


You happen to be in luck as you read this, because I’m launching my BETA version of this coaching/consulting program, even though it has already been tested with some clients already.


You can help ME refine this program and make it even MORE effective and powerful!


Is this a good fit for you? Read on.. or schedule a call and we can chat. Reminder: This call is designed for those who are serious and ready to invest. 

Re-Empowering website owners

Ok, I searched for an alternative to the often-used word “empowering” but it JUST.. FITS.

Websites are supposed to not only bring you business, but make your job easier, not harder.

It’s supposed to be working for YOU, not the other way around.

In order for this to happen, there DOES need to be an investment on the front end.

It has to be YOURS. You have to OWN it.. not lease it.. or give your power and your biggest asset away to a developer, a hosting platform, or hell, even a coach like me.

At first, you will need to invest in some work and planning. Just like your new business, you have to nurture it properly so that it can serve you in the years to come.

There’s no getting around this, no magic shortcuts. Skimping on planning and laying down your foundation is like building a house without a foundation, with whatever material you happen to find along the way. A few boards here, but wait.. oh, some bricks there.



A Website is A Living, Breathing Entity.

So many business owners get “stuck” because they feel backed into a corner and pressured to make their website perfect in ONE SHOT.


It doesn’t work that way.


The transition from concept to building should be a seamless one, but just like building a house, it’s important to envision how it can grow along with your business.


Don’t let the limitations of your website, developer, or hosting plan limit your growth potential

Do invest in the things that will help you have a unique asset that can serve you in the years to come.


Know that nothing is written in stone and that you can adjust, modify, and add on new additions in a “modular” way once you have your basic vision, structure, tech platform, and visibility (marketing)  plan in place.

An Asset Worth Investing In

Your website is also one of your BEST ASSETS for saving you time, money, and energy.

Does it need to be ultra fancy? No, but it needs to be YOURS, and reflect YOUR unique vision.

By putting some love into your website, AND learning about how to leverage it and all the marketing tools that your site will “house,” … it will serve you in the long run.

It will keep you from burning out and RESENTING your clients and your business.

But hey, MORE than that.. It will be  be SWEET  for your clients, patients, or guests to “stumble upon” your unique gifts that only you can give!

What's Included

• A guide, coach, and consultant to do a little extra “hand holding” for you for 6 weeks

• A clear plan/blueprint for your website. It will do much of the “heavy lifting” for you so that you can run more and more of your business on “autopilot” in the months and years to come

• A clear idea of what YOUR unique challenges are when it comes to your website: (Getting content written, technical challenges, marketing, etc.)

• Finding solutions to your headaches that work for YOU

• Weekly calls to pinpoint where you are at and the exact next steps to take

• An actual, tangible plan JUST for you delivered in an app that keeps us on track

• A blend of both “left brained” focus and “right brained” inspiration

• A clear direction and purpose for your the content you produce


• A marketing roadmap and basic sales funnel

• A vision for your website 1-3 years from now, and strategies that will help your site grow with your business

• All my best “productivity” and “anti-productivity” tips!

• SEO 101

• Cheat sheets, templates, and more. 

• Other ways I can help you with your website to make it a marketing machine!

the Benefits:

• The foundation for creating a website you will be proud of and want to show off 

• Saved time, money, and energy. You will be JAZZED about putting your website together 

• A solid foundation for website that does much of the “heavy lifting” for you so that you can run more and more of your business on “autopilot” in the months and years to come 

• The “blueprint” for a website that brings it the RIGHT clients, patients, and guests for you: Pre-qualification “baked in” to your site so that you don’t have to deal with clients that are not a right fit for you. 

• A HUGE head start on SEO ranking and getting more traffic to your site

• Guidance on how to set up your site to get more conversions (sales, people signing up for lists, programs or events, joining your FB groups, etc)

• Visual guidance and examples that will save you TONS of time and frustration

• A basic marketing funnel you can start implementing right away

• A plan of what infrastructure you will need.. what platform, plugins to use.

• A little more “hand-holding” to get you started.

• A glimpse of the backend of WordPress and training, if needed

• Basic training in SEO

• A glimpse at some more advanced marketing techniques and offerings you can add to your website in the future

Let’s face it: The difference between going through this program and NOT doing it could very well mean the difference between getting your website done or not. 

I will even add that any reputable developer, designer or agency, including myself, will REQUIRE this kind of groundwork to be laid before actual construction.

I’m going to take a leap of faith and guess that you’ll feel MUCH lighter and MUCH better when this very important task finally gets launched.

Your Website is the HOME BASE for ALL Your Marketing Functions


All great things begin with thoughts, as they say. I’ll spend time with you to help you envision and plan your new marketing “home.”


No great vision or project comes to fruition without some kind of support or help.

This isn’t just about mindset and theoretical coaching, but real steps you can take. You now have a guide and architect to help you.


Form is one thing, but without function, your website is just an expensive and pretty brochure.

I’ll help you lay the foundation for success in your upcoming and future version of your website and online marketing plan.

What clients say…

“Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore.  When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.”


What REALLY Makes a website strong?

Strong websites don’t come from simply paying an SEO to “make your site strong.”  SEO IS important, but it won’t work if your website and its content is weak or almost non-existent to begin with.

Bottom line: SEO won’t save a crappy website.

Can I do this program if I'm building my own website?
Yes. If you really enjoy the process of building websites but still feel a bit overwhelmed by all the “shiny objects” in the world of digital marketing, this program may help a lot.

I am giving a little bonus to those who chose to hire me to build their websites, but DIYer’s are welcome.

What if I'm using SquareSpace, Wix, or Weebly?
This may still be a good program for you because it may give you an idea of where you are at and when it may make sense to switch to another platform like WordPress or even Kartra or Kajabi.

I am in a position where I can pinpoint exactly where you might find frustraion and roadblocks in REAL time with these platforms.. whereas if you did a Google search you may get dated information.

I’m about providing you with data that may be missing for your own research, which allows you to make your own best decision.

You would get a good “behind the scenes” peek at the options available to you that you may not get if you were not working with someone one-on-one.

I do have my preferences, for sure, but  I will never push anything on you (this is also part of my affiliate disclaimer, see below)

Why don't I just hire you to do my website?

You can definitely go that route. I still require that clients have a clear idea of what they want and what their unique marketing needs are before proceeding with building a site. 

This helps prevent headaches for everyone and ensures that you get a website you love, that you are engaged with, and does the “heavy lifting” for you. 

However, this is a pretty good deal for those who want to proceed to having me build their website: There will be something in it for you to make it a no-brainer! 

Why should I do this if I don't get a website in 6 weeks?

Building a website is much like building a house. To do it properly, it takes a lot of work. 

The contractor who builds the house does much of the tangible work, but the architect also plays an important role.. one that requires time and skill. 

This program isn’t about the construction of a website, or about me doing it for you. 

What I’m offering is a different approach to what you would be paying an agency that knows what they are doing. (Not all web developers are even marginally familiar with marketing)

PLUS if you DO decide to continue working with me, I’ll give you a good deal on a website package for already having done the prep/intake work! 

This program is designed to  go a little deeper and is more affordable and accessible for small business owners. 

I don't want to deal with any of the "tech" stuff but I'm having a HELL of a time coming up with ideas for for my website. Will this work for me?
Hell yes! If you are a creative, right-brained person I’ve got tips, visual guidance, prompts, inspiration, and different approaches for you to create your website AND have it function in a way that serves how you want to do your business.

I only ask that you DO show up consistently and are open to having some structure and systems in place, which will be a HUGE part of your success. (This goes for left-brained types as well)

This, combined with my website services, could be the perfect combo for you!

I'm super productive and creative but just need some guidance on the "techy stuff." Can we focus on filling in those gaps?
Absolutely That’s the cool thing about one-on-one coaching!
What if I don't make any money?
I don’t make any guarantees about income, Google rankings, website traffic, or the overall success of your business.

I DO give you some great tools that will either be essential for your success, or tips that have helped me and my clients.

Factoring in the time and money that you may SAVE by ending the struggle, I feel pretty confident I can help if we are a good candidate for this program.

In other words, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

This program also takes time and commitment. Building a business is like that, just as is getting healthy and fit or anything else worth investing in. You have to do the work to get any kind of result.

And at the same time..

I’m committed to setting you up for success.. and I DO believe I can help you work smarter instead of harder.


Still have questions? Book a call to find out if this plan is right for you.

A reminder:  discovery calls are designed for those who are ready to invest but have some questions about whether this program is right for them.

Or.. you can sign up right now, using one of those pretty buttons on this page!

Once your payment is processed you will get an order confirmation and automatically be re-directed to a portal where you will find a basic agreement form and a place to type in your login info.

Then you will be in!

I’ve reserved a place where you can have access to all you will need as we work together and all you need to do is sign in to get there.

I’ll have some goodies waiting there for you, even before the official launch!

You will also receive an email with your welcome pack, and session booking link. I want to make sure you are covered!

Keep in mind that sometimes Gmail can take up to 30 min. Please check your spam or promotions folder if you do not see it.

If there are any problems receiving your “starter kit” please let me know. 

We’ll be doing our weekly calls on Zoom, which is super easy and a matter of clicking on a link. You will get instructions for this, too. 

I look forward to working with you!

this program is in BETA. It Is based on
one-on-one coaching/guidance. 

In other words,  pretty sweet deal and yes, the prices will go up significantly in the near future. 

Pre-launch prices are good till March 31. The program starts on April 17.







Are You Ready?

Are you ready to build something cool you can call your own that will attract the kinds of clients, patients, and guests you love working with?

Are you ready to actually ENJOY the process of planning and building, instead of thinking that it HAS to suck?

Let’s Work Together!