get ready for your busy season

Build and Launch Your Online Course in 30 Days Or Less

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Earn Passive Income

Whether it’s unlimited earning potential or creating another “egg basket,” courses are a smart way to diversify your income

effective content

Create More Impact

Help more people access your unique offerings

your content is an asset

Leverage Your Expertise

Use what you’ve learned to create a legacy, and have more time for deeper work with your 1:1 clients

your content is an asset

Put it on Repeat

Imagine setting up a system ONCE, and having it work for you in the months and years to come

Are you ready to add a passive income stream to your wellness business?

Hi, I’m Julia.

You love the work you do with your clients. But maybe you have reached a point in which you have enough assets to start creating another source of income that could be a HUGE win/win for you and the people you work with.

The assets may include:

  • Your expertise
  • The unique benefits that you offer that nobody else can
  • A very specific problem that you are gifted in solving
  • An actual strategy or step  by step plan you can put into the form of a course
  • A library of intellectual property (trainings, videos, articles, books, etc) that you can provide for a monthly subscription fee
  • A way of presenting your teachings in a way that makes it fun and easy to learn
  • A broader concept of new business models that are available to you, and creative ways to combine them

You’ve considered adding an online course to you menu of offerings, but the thought of even the first step, finding a platform to launch it from, seems daunting.

Or maybe you got started but the entire project has been put on hold because you simply got stuck somewhere along the way. Maybe it was a tech glitch, or lack of clarity about your offering, or not knowing the next step.

Maybe perfectionism is what’s holding you back.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to create and promote an online course. Best of all, once you do this work, you can put it on REPEAT so that 80% of any future work will already be done.  

Let’s get this done, and check each step off the list one by one. If you follow each step, you’ll have your online course ready to go.. including the promotion piece.. by your busy season (Even if it’s on Black Friday!)

What you will get out of the workshop

  • How to get your own profitable course out into the market in less than 30 days, step by step. 
  • The top 7 mistakes course creators make in the wellness and coaching industry (these things will cost you a lot of time and money) 
  • How to find the right systems and platforms using my 7 criteria (no more wasted time or money)
  • My own HONEST and THOUROUGH reviews and recommendations
  • A done-for-you plan:  Each step is laid out for you in chronological order. (Using the analogy of preparing a Thanksgiving feast)
  • How to  set up the basic components of your own on demand product
  • How to make the entire process repeatable so that you can quickly get your next great idea out there without having to re-invent all the “tech” wheels again
  • BONUS 1: My favorite way to launch a new product 
  • BONUS 2: An actual CHECKLIST based on the exact same steps I take when I launch a paid product
  • BONUS 3: A list of additional resources

Who this workshop is for

  • Business owners who truly want to create another more “passive” income source so that they can enjoy their 1:1 on a new level. Less manual work and hustling means more freedom.
  • Those who are selling a digital course, membership, or program. This workshop isn’t about selling physical products
  • Those who already have an established niche, a solid understanding of their mission, story, what makes their brand unique, and are not afraid to communicate thier values to a specific audience (or are willing to do this work on their own)
  • Those who have been practicing for a while and have established a solid skillset, expertise, and strategies (not tips or tactics) to share with the world
  • Those who want to create a bigger impact, make their expertise more accessible, and leave a legacy
  • Those who are willing to do the work: Yes, there is work to do on the front end. (If you are not willing to do this work AND to market your offerings consistently there’s probably no point in taking this class)
  • Those who are willing to invest in the proper tools you’ll need at this stage. (If you want instant results with only free software, this class probably isn’t for you, but you may be surprised how affordable it is to get started)


Choose between the following times for your convenience:

Wednesday, November 16 at 5:30 pm EST

OR Saturday, November 19 at 10 am EST