Get ready for your busy season

DIYers: Build and Launch Your Online Course With Confidence and Ease

Thursday, November 17 at 5:30 pm EST (This event is now closed)
or Saturday, November 19 at 10:00 am EST

What if you could finally create your online course, including your first sales funnel.. with confidence?

All in 30 days or less?

Maybe you’ve been wanting to add a passive income stream to your wellness or coaching business so that you can still get paid even when you are unable to work or just want to take time off, or to simply create a potentially unlimited source of cash flow.

Maybe you’re tired of being a slave to the “job” you created for yourself and are ready to add something different to your menu of offerings. 

Or maybe you want to help more people gain access to your work, by creating options for your audience around the world, no matter what their budget is or where they are at in their journey.

You also have a strong desire to free your time from the more superficial, so that you can work on a deeper level with your clients. (Especially if you are an introvert like me)

You want to get your course up and running for your busy season.

But you never really  got started, because you got tired of trying to figure out platforms, putting up with too many new learning curves, false starts, and wheel-spinning.

It doesn’t feel easy, and it’s not helping your confidence.

Is it really worth the trouble?

You also wonder how much time it will take, or about the cost, or potential frustration, overwhelm. And let’s face it, resentment with the idea of having to learn another tool or platform, and figure out how it all fits together.

You also wonder if it’s all really worth it.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that everything is (or even should be) “easy peasy.” That’s why I respect people like you who have chosen this path.

However, it IS a lot easier than it used to be to create an online course, and it really is do-able, even for those who really aren’t into the “tech” stuff. “

In fact, most of the work is really about a few things that have nothing to do with learning the backend of a course platform or website, or being a technician. (Some foreshadowing for you)

I want you to know that this is a 100% No BS workshop. I won’t give you theory and fluff or just another affiliate recommendation for the platform that pays the most.  I’ve done my homework.

This workshop isn’t just about how to create a course. It’s about the entire ecosystem. This means I’ll be showing you the marketing pieces.

As with any proper workshop, it’s designed to help you take action. If you tune in and do the work, even the first few steps, you’ll probably be way ahead of the crowd.

I’ve also included a workbook that shows you the first steps, my 4 step process for choosing an platform for your course,  and the same checklist I use when I’m putting together my own workshops and courses.

Hi! I'm Julia

I started on this whole online course (and membership) creation  journey back when I had my acupuncture practice in Denver.

I knew I was onto something at the, but at the time, it was kind of a pain in the ass to set it all up.  Since then, I’ve moved to Europe and now help other wellness professionals and coaches create their own passive income products.

I know what this struggle is like.

There’s the learning curve. Then you discover that:

  • Your “pieces” don’t play well together
  • You invested in a new platform, only to quickly regret it because it doesn’t quite do what you want it to do, or it’s hard to use, or both.
  • You get stuck on the copywriting. It seems like there is SO much to write.. landing pages, emails, social media posts, and the course itself.
  • It’s taking forever because it feels like there are so many pieces to put together, and you just want a checklist or a template.


    What if I told you that the first steps are the hardest? Finding the right tools and setting everything up the very first time can feel like a lot of work.

    But it doesn’t have to be a big chaotic struggle.

    This workshop will help you make the first steps much easier.  The even better news is that it keeps getting easier over time. So let’s get started on that course of yours!

Although this path isn’t for everyone, it IS true that the barrier to entry is lower than ever. However, few entrepreneurs really know how to take advantage of it at this point.

That’s where you come in.  Imagine knowing what some of your competitors don’t?

This IS the perfect time to get your course out there, but doing it right is key.

Let’s get this done, and check each step off the list one by one. If you follow each step, you’ll have your online course ready to go.. including the promotion piece.. by your busy season (Even if it’s on Black Friday!)

This will truly be a gift to yourself and your business that keeps on giving, which will activate an upward spiral of confidence and sense of ease. This is the foundation that creates real freedom and makes manifesting abundance and peace of mind possible, without exhausting yourself in the process. 

 What you will get out of the workshop

  • How to create and launch your profitable course WITH a sales funnel in less than 30 days, with confidence and ease. 
  • The top 7 mistakes course creators make in the wellness and coaching industry when it comes to setting up their ecosystem
  • What “All-In-One” platforms are worth it and which ones to avoid
  • How to find the right solution for YOU using my 7 criteria and 4 step process so that you can easily narrow down your choice (no platform is perfect)
  • My own HONEST and THOROUGH reviews and recommendations
  • A done-for-you plan that you can take at your OWN pace:  Each step, (Research, Build, Promote, Follow up, Analysis, and Optimization) is laid out for you in chronological order.
  • How to make the entire process repeatable so that you can quickly get your next great idea out there without having to re-invent all the “tech” wheels again
  • BONUS 1: My favorite way to launch a new product 
  • BONUS 2: An actual CHECKLIST based on the exact same steps I take when I launch a paid product
  • BONUS 3: A list of additional resources
The Friday class was so awesome, packed with info and really easy to follow, and dare I say – FUN! Thanks for taking something so intimidating and making it easy to understand

Kate M.

Who this workshop is for

  • Business owners who truly want to create another more “passive” income source so that they can enjoy their 1:1  work with clients on a new level. Less manual work and hustling means more freedom.
  • Those who are selling a digital course, membership, or program. 
  • Those who already have an established niche, a solid understanding of their mission, story, what makes their brand unique, and are not afraid to communicate their values to a specific audience (or are willing to do this work on their own or hire someone to guide them through it)
  • Those who have been practicing for a while and have established a solid skillset, expertise, and strategies (not tips or tactics) to share with the world
  • Those who want to create a bigger impact, make their expertise more accessible, and leave a legacy
  • Those who are willing to do the work: Yes, there is work to do on the front end. 
  • Those who are willing to invest in the proper tools you’ll need at this stage. 


Thursday’s workshop is now closed. Sign up for Saturday’s class or the replay.

OR Saturday, November 19 at 10 am EST