The Future-Proof Your Practice Toolkit


The complete strategy for building and promoting your first online course or group program, so that you don’t have to depend on your calendar bookings if you no longer want to.


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How empowering does your wellness practice or coaching business feel to you right now?
(Whether you are busy and fully booked or not)

You’ve worked your ass off to build your practice.

If you had to stop working tomorrow, what would you have to show for it? Would everything cease to exist, including an income, or would you have some assets in place that will continue to carry your business and have a positive impact on the world? 

You already worked hard to build what you have. You have been doing this for a while, and you love working with clients or patients 1:1.

But now, you find that you want to streamline everything, and take some time off when you want.

  • You no longer have time for all the manual tasks.
  • You don’t want to keep answering the same questions over and over again.
  • You also don’t want to work with anyone that doesn’t allow you to do your BEST work, and wish there was a way to introduce/filter ONLY ideal clients into your practice.
  • You are also tired of the reality, in your current situation, that the minute you stop working, you stop generating income.

TIME is a limited resource, and people are paying for your expertise and a tailored strategy that only YOU can deliver.. in order to solve their unique problem. At this stage, you are no longer just a technician or an “information dispenser.”

Raising your rates is just one way to make sure that you are being well-compensated for your expertise and results you deliver.

But what happens when you don’t have enough TIME or ENERGY to constantly keep your schedule full?

To keep manually repeating the same processes?

To deal with the anxiety that sucks your energy when something outside of your control happens?

To manage clients and patients that aren’t a good fit? (draining)



If you are reading this, I’m going to make a leap and assume that most of these apply to you:

• You are tired of booking “time slots” and recognize that the “fill your calendar” game can be a trap.  

•  You have changed the way you practice and are thinking about an additional source of income to take you through not only events beyond your control, but your retirement or next chapter in life. 

• You know that there is ABSOLUTELY a market for what you do as a wellness professional or coach who is an expert in a specific niche. (Yes, this is YOU)

• You have already created a system or process to take your patients or clients through. You are tired of delivering it all manually. You want to prepare them for deeper work with a course or set them up for success with a “post graduation support” program.

• You have some systems in place online: You have a following, and maybe even an email list, but you are ready to start STREAMLINING  so that you can use these systems to free yourself to do what you really WANT to do: Run your business. 

• You are a bit of a rebel and have always preferred to do things your way instead of what everyone else is doing. 

• You want to create or maintain a business on YOUR terms.

• You want to leave a legacy and get your wisdom out in the world.


The challenges you may be facing: 

• You  have established yourself in your niche and love what you do, but don’t have time to keep up with all the marketing. You want to streamline your business. 

• You have always thought it might be a good idea to diversify your income. Maybe you’ve started creating a course, but you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.. wondering what to do first, then next, and so on. 

• Your “to do” list keeps growing. You feel like an employee in your own business,  with no guidance or time to think about the big picture. 

• Some of the “tech stuff” feels overwhelming or has already given you headaches

• You want to leverage what you already have: A great network, a skill or superpower, or your own intellectual property or process without having to start from scratch with someone else’s idea about what you “should” be doing right now.  (You already worked your ass off for what you have now, so who needs THAT? )

 If this makes sense, you are different from most practitioners.
Maybe even kind of a rebel.


I firmly believe that in today's business climate, creative diversification of income is a SMART move. Not just for you, but for your patients or clients

I’m not against the 1:1 model. It’s the bedrock of our work. It’s how we honed our skills. It keeps us in touch with humanity. 

I want to ask you this: 

What happens when you can’t work? Do you still get paid? This can happen even if you’ve starting offering remote services.

The goal in business, in the true sense of the word, is about earning repeatable and predictable income. It’s there to sustain you once it’s built.  It can be bought or sold. It has repeatable processes that can be handed off to a team, or at least make life easier for YOU.  

It’s about  creating a PROFITABLE entity that doesn’t depend on you being present 100% of the time. Otherwise, it’s more like a hobby or a job.  (Hobbies and jobs are great, but not likely what most business owners had in mind when they started) 

Taking part of your business online doesn’t mean you are offering LESS. In fact the opposite is true. Here’s what it REALLY means, and why it’s a win/win:

You don’t need to accept the income ceiling that comes with selling your TIME. (Or clone yourself) You are less exhausted, and MORE people have access to your wisdom.

You don’t need to depend on insurance billing or seeing more and more patients (even virtually)  just to keep up. Coaches? It’s even easier for you to scale.

• If something happens.. you get sick, or want to go on vacation.. you can still get PAID.

• You can attract new clients or patients, build trust,  and deliver transformational care from ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME. On YOUR terms, on YOUR turf.

Your income is no longer limited to your immediate geographical area. You can expand beyond your local market, especially if it’s saturated.

• You can “switch gears” as you move towards retirement into creating income that is more “hands off” or passive. (Write that book you’ve always wanted to publish!)

It’s not only about you.. courses and programs are a perfect way to serve people at all income levels and stages in their own journey. It’s another level of service you can offer in many creative ways.

Make your practice AGILE so that you can pivot, duck, parry and strike with the timing and grace of a master fencer.. AND lay the foundation for your future by creating a profitable business instead of just another job.


You can do this WITHOUT spending so much time on time-sucking social media that drives addiction and clutters up the internet. (and your brain) 

You CAN do this WITHOUT the “tech stress.”

You can do this without having to spend an eternity on marketing tasks so that you can focus more on serving your clients. It really comes down to knowing what tasks to focus on, and what ORDER to do them in, without skipping steps. This is KEY. 

You CAN most certainly ease into creating your first online offering. (The “Lean and Agile” approach)  OR you can jump right in. The choice is yours.

Today, there is something for everyone, at every level, for every budget. I’ll guide you through your options.. because I KNOW that making these initial decisions is often the most challenging obstacle for many wellness professionals and coaches.

Sound Good?

If you choose to be bold and create an agile practice now, it will become your solid foundation that will allow you to keep doing the work you were called to do
(and love)

Lean and Agile

Lean and Agile is my new mantra.
The GOOD news.. you can use what you already HAVE.

Right now, you don’t need a complex and expensive business model and technical infrastructure.  You can start out with, and leverage.. what you already HAVE. You probably have more assets than you realize!  

Health and wellness professionals and coaches have a HUGE advantage. You don’t have to figure out what you are an expert in, or spend nearly as much time testing out your ideas to determine if they are viable. You are already an expert. You already have experience.  People in general, and in your niche, NEED the kinds of services you offer. That’s a HUGE head start! (Many entrepreneurs struggle with even defining their expertise)

You can get started immediately EVEN if:

• You don’t have any virtual clients or patients

• You don’t have a big (email) list yet (or even NO list)

• You’re not sure of what to offer, how to package it, or how to price it (we’ll cover all that!)

• You’re certain you “suck” at “tech stuff”  (I’ll walk you through the easiest but also most effective solutions)

• You don’t have a huge social media following

• You have no idea how to get started or what to do next (That’s the whole point of this course!)

• You don’t have  a fancy website yet. In fact, the foundational modules will be essential  you when the time comes to level up your website. Don’t skip these steps! 

you know that the world needs you right now

It may sound a little trite, but it’s true. You’ve spent years tweaking, perfecting, and fine-tuning your gifts. Now it’s time to find the perfect match, diversify your income, and treat your time with the respect it deserves.

Hi, I’m Julie.

I’m a former acupuncturist who decided to do things my own way. When I say that I fully embrace time and location independence, I really mean it. 

I’ve also built a sucessful (on my terms) practice and learned a thing or two about creating business models that reduced my stress, increased my profit, and got great results for my patients. Everyone was happy!

I want to share some of my secrets with you. 

What's Included


Create a sustainable and future-proof practice by identifying your “local” or “global” mindset and maximize your agility so that you can easily find your “sweet spot” in today’s market. (There’s room for you!)


You’ll get crystal clear on exactly what you need to do, (and when) in order to make a profit. You’ll get clear on what you do, who you serve, and how to position yourself. Clarify your vision for the next 90 days using a few simple tools, and watch your business grow on YOUR terms, with maximum and effortless alignment.

The Journey

You’ll need a map to get you where you are going, but your clients and patients will also have their own  journey that mirrors yours. Modern Marketing is really all about building relationships and EARNING trust.  Once  you understand how this works, you can apply it no matter what “tech infrastructure” you have in place.


Learn the basic foundational tools you need to grow a time and location independent business. By the time you finish this module you will have the 3 pillars in place, even if you are on a shoestring budget and have had trouble getting started in the past.

Make Your Offer!

You’ll be able to create, package, and deliver effective and high-converting offers that attract the right people for YOU at the right time, using what you’ve already got.

Measuring Your Progress

This is where I show you how to look at the right metrics, analyze them, and “steer the ship” on a continual basis so that you can focus on what matters most. Stop wasting time and money throwing more pasta at the wall or becoming obsessed with “vanity metrics.”

The Intersection of tech and humanity

I’ve discovered that success is an interesting combination of embracing not just new technology and trends, but also networking and collaboration.  There’s no reason to fear emerging technology. I’m going to show you how to make it work FOR YOU, while also leveraging human networks, so that you can free yourself from having to figure everything out from scratch each time you have a new idea. 


You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me anything.

Bonuses and New, Updated Content

There are a TON of bonuses (based on requests from previous students) that you can unlock when you complete all the modules. We’ve got training videos, productivity and tech tips, trends to watch, templates, cheat sheets, and a LOT more.


• Create a business on YOUR terms

• Go beyond “virtual” by creating income streams that don’t require your constant physical presence

• Say BYE to endless admin tasks, answering the same boring questions over and over, and working with people that drain you

• Increase your earning potential by charging for VALUE instead of TIME.

• Ditch the volume-based discounts and create bundled packages that are FAR more likely to get results for your patients and clients

• Find a unique place in the market that serves ONLY the people you look forward to working with

• Focus less on transactions (treatments or sessions)  and more on transformations (the whole enchilada).. Everyone wins!

• Diversify your income so that you have a “safety net” of income even when events outside of your control blast holes in your schedule

• Transition into a “retirement” that is both more meaningful and less financially stressful than the current paradigm: “Work too hard, save up, retire at 65,”

• Be a part of a movement that actually honors the wisdom of those who have some years and experience to show for their time on the planet.

• Have the last laugh at the “fast-paced environment” cult.

• And, oh yes, you will learn the exact digital marketing skills you will need to get your vision out QUICKLY. 


• Create a business on YOUR terms, not what your peers are doing or what you’ve been taught in school

• Go beyond “virtual” by creating income streams that don’t require your constant physical presence

• Say BYE to endless admin tasks, answering the same boring questions over and over, and working with people that drain you

• Increase your earning potential by charging for VALUE instead of TIME.

• Ditch the volume-based discounts and create bundled packages that are FAR more likely to get results for your patients and clients

• Find a unique place in the market that serves ONLY the people you look forward to working with

• Focus less on transactions (treatments)  and more on transformations (the whole enchilada).. Everyone wins!

• Diversify your income so that you have a “safety net” of income even when events outside of your control blast holes in your schedule

• Transition into a “retirement” that is both more meaningful and less financially stressful than the current paradigm: “Work too hard, save up, retire at 65,”

• Be a part of a movement that actually honors the wisdom of those who have some years and experience to show for their time on the planet.

• Have the last laugh at the “fast-paced environment” cult.

• And, oh yes, you will learn the exact digital marketing skills you will need to get your vision out QUICKLY. 

By the time you finish this course you will:

• Be clear on what you will be offering and ways you can start diversifying your income today.

• Know how to position yourself as a unique and sought-after expert and NAIL your ideal patient or client so that you don’t have to constantly “explain yourself” and discount your services

• Have a simple strategy in place to follow for the next 60-90 days

• Have a system set up to start building your email list, which statistically gives you the BEST ROI of any marketing channel.

• Have all your “email tech” set up and ready to go, from opt-ins to automations, I’ve got you covered!

•  Complete your first basic “lead magnet” to attract your ideal client or patient and get them on  your email list!

• Follow up with your leads with a powerful automated system to earn trust and keep them engaged and excited.. so that they (statistically and magically) turn into clients.

• Discover the basics of weaving social media into your master plan in less than 15 minutes per day

• Learn how to create and launch a  course, group program, or “hybrid” program the EASY way. (When you find out how easy this is, you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner)

• Discover how to effectively leverage other people’s networks, including collaborations with peers, in new and creative ways so that you can get more clients with less struggle. 

• Become a master at getting some tasks done in less than HALF the time by harnessing new technology (You don’t have to be tech-y to use these new tools)

• Know metrics to monitor for success, because you can’t succeed in what you can’t measure. We focus on data-driven results. 

You will have lifetime access to everything in the course.

Module 1

  • The Rebel Wellnes Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Your big WHY
  • 9 Key concepts for a global practice
  • What can I offer online? (Innovative offerings)
  • Your income streams and Profit Clarity
  • Your 90 Day plan


Module 2

  • Who do you LOVE working with? (Your ICA/IPA)
  • The MAGIC of Positioning
  • Copywriting 101
  • Your Branding Kit


Module 3

  • Funnels 101: Mapping the Journey
  • The Client/Patient Value Journey


Module 4

  • Email 101 (broken down into “bite size” lessons)
  • The Client/Patient Journey: Email
  • How to create a lead magnet FAST
  • A tour of Active Campaign
    (lists, automations, and more)
  • Step-by-step: DIVI and MailerLite
  • Email marketing for 2022 and beyond


5 reasons why your website isn't finished yet

Module 5

  • The Client/Patient Journey on social media
  • Creating a community on Facebook
  • Introduction to Mighty Networks
  • Social media for 2022 and beyond


virtual health and wellness events

Module 6

  • SEO Basics 
  • Organic vs. paid traffic (coming soon)
  • Introduction to content marketing in 2022
  • Leveraging networking and strategic partnerships


nurture your leads

Module 7

  • New business model: Hybrid programs
  • New business model: Online courses and programs
  • New business model: Memberships
  • Client/Patient onboarding
  • Setting up your course/membership platform
  • Tools


5 reasons why your website isn't finished yet

Module 8

  • Outlining your course content
  • Creating videos from Google slide decks
  • Creating workbooks and actionable guides


virtual health and wellness events

Module 9

  • You can’t succeed if you can’t measure: Making data-driven decisions
  • Collecting and analyzing data (only what you need!)



Unlock bonus gifts when you complete the course. It will be like Christmas.. I’ve created bonuses and trainings based on questions students ask, and another helpful resources


I want you to succeed.. the world needs more of us! That’s why I’ve set up a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions when you get stuck, or get support or insights from other group members. 

A peek inside the course… 

See your progress, next steps, and highlights at a glance. 

Choose media that fits your learning style: video, audio, and downloadable slide decks. 

No course is of any use without taking action and “getting your hands dirty” by applying what you’ve learned to your own business. 

That’s why I’ve included workbooks and “apply what you’ve learned” sections in the course. 

Let’s Do it! 

What participants are saying…

 I’m good at delivering my work, not so much at the fundamentals of running a business in the online world. I needed and found the perfect teacher in Julie. She is patient, explains everything, and has all the required steps, content categories and processes to get me operating and visible online. She adapts each to my level of need, education and autonomy. She is THE reason I have a beautiful, functional website and marketing strategy, after 32 years of self employment. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend her, especially for coaches and health and wellness entrepreneurs!

Beth B

 I get really excited when I figure out how to do something myself. However, one of the ways I’ve been able to figure out as much as I have is because I learned to piece together many of the things I’ve learned from Julie!

Bottom line: it’s great to be able to do things for yourself, but first you need to hire a great teacher!


The Future Proof Your Practice course helped me feel more confident about learning how to use tech as a hybrid practitioner and the possibilities of working outside of my physical practice. I really needed this as a mom with two kids in virtual school during the pandemic. It gave me a purpose while my practice was closed and showed me how I could one day earn an income in the virtual world by using my knowledge.

Julie breaks it all down for you, from attracting your ideal client to the platforms and software to implement, and progressing to more advanced concepts like analytics. I feel that anyone at any stage of their practice can benefit from this course, and it is so much better than researching and putting things together piece by piece on your own.

Julie really supports the online community and wants to know how she can help. I am getting ready to launch my first program thanks to her course and the tools she has shared!

Kim N.

Who is this course for?

• Practitioners and coaches who have been working 1:1 for a while and have a solid sense of  the unique services and skillsets they deliver to clients and patients

• “Rebel wellness practitioners” who really aren’t interested in seeing MORE patients and taking insurance just to make ends meet.  Who want to ditch the arbitrary hamster wheel.

• Practitioners and coaches who have “pivoted” in the last year or two, either because of external circumstances or an internal shift in purpose, meaning, and desires.

• Those who are more interested in delivering TRANSFORMATIVE rather than TRANSACTIONAL care. (It’s NOT for those who are still focused on how many patients come through their door instead of  delivering RESULTS.)

• Those who want to create a new business model based on bundled “hybrid” packages, group offerings, online courses, or memberships in place of or in addition to their 1:1 services.

Those who want to offer alternatives for people who are either not ready for 1:1 services or need some extra support to set them up for success after “graduating” from 1:1 care

“A Powerful Jump Start with Support” 

Who this is NOT for, and a few things to know before diving in: 

This course is for those who understand that creating a business takes some effort and time.

It’s not for those who aren’t willing to invest some combination of time, money, or energy, or who like to take courses without taking any solid action.

If you expect to grow a thriving business by spending a few hundred bucks or less and a few hours now and then when you are in the mood, this course isn’t for you. You’ll need to make your business a top priority when you begin this journey, or it’s not going to work.

It’s not for those who think that marketing has no value, is about manipulation, is unethical, or “slimy.” There’s no time for that nonsense here, if that is a conscious belief.  If it is a subconscious belief, I get it. there are plenty of courses that will help you specifically with mindset work, which is important, and I do cover it in this course.

However, it’s more about how to take the leap into the next stage of your business, (a different mindset) not about how to overcome deep-seated beliefs about money, business, and marketing.  If you know ahead of time you will resist, do that work first. It’s more ethical for me to be clear about this than try to sell more courses.

I’m guessing that you also don’t have years to mess around, because you’re not 28 anymore. If so, you are in the right place!

If you are here, and read this far, you probably know that in order to continue to serve, people need to know that you exist, and that you need to make it easy for the right people to find you. That’s all  it is.  There’s plenty of ways you can market that feel genuine and resonate with YOU.

This course isn’t about telling you that you MUST blog or produce a live video every week or MUST show up on Facebook or Instagram every day, what your message and voice should be, or what platforms and technical tools to use. That’s not a strategy.. that’s a template. And like diet plans, they don’t tend to work in the long run because they don’t take the client into consideration. This course teaches you principles and how to apply them to YOUR situation and preferences.

This is a self-paced course, and it’s up to you to set aside time to complete it.

You don’t need to have ANY resources in place, including a website, to get started. I started with almost nothing.

This course is different from my “long game” course, which is more comprehensive in scope, but will still give you what you need to get a solid start and take you well into the next 6 months to a year.

Remember, building and growing a business takes time, and you’ll still need a “long haul” plan, especially if you are starting from scratch in a global market. You can certainly do a lot in a short time, but the planning and strategy doesn’t end. (That’s what CEO’s are for, and this is YOU!)

Another reason why I don’t think it’s a great idea to dismiss the long game: You don’t want to get weighed down by comparing yourself to others who have been doing this for a while. You CAN get results in a short amount of time. You can get even better results over the long haul, and I would bet my passport that this is what the big players in your industry have also done.. they didn’t build their empires overnight. They also have teams to assist them. 

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that marketing is mostly a marathon. It’s mostly about the cumulative day-to-day, small, consistent efforts that pay off.

But that doesn’t mean that a quick sprint isn’t useful..

This course is specifically designed to give you that jump start needed to get you going and on your way!

Again, I want to stress: This course is about momentum, innovation, and leveraging what you already have. Even if you don’t think you have much to work with, you may be surprised to discover that you DO have assets to leverage, starting with your expertise.  I’m confident it will take you to the next level.. if you do the work, in the order it is presented, and ask for help when you need it. 

If you have a business up and running, are damn good at what you do, and have even a handful of patients or clients who can benefit from a course, group program, membership, or product and service bundle, that’s fantastic!  This course is for you. 

But even if you don’t.. and are truly starting from scratch, you can still ABSOLUTELY benefit from this course.. knowing that there may be some more work ahead of you.

This course also WILL give you a BIG head start and/or get you “unstuck”  when it comes to creating long-term and diverse income streams.

Let’s Do it! 

I firmly believe that  NOW really, truly IS the time to get your online vision out into the world and take action.

What happens next

• You will be taken to a secure checkout area

• Upon purchase, you will get a receipt, a confirmation, and access to a private membership area, where you can access the introduction and check out the first module.

• You will get a link to a private Facebook Group. There you will find support, direct access to me if you have any questions.

• If you purchase during most times of the year, you will have instant access to the entire course. If you purchase during one of my bi-annual upgrade promotions, a new module will be unlocked each day, because I’ll be making live updates.

• You will still have lifetime access to future versions of this course, which will be self-paced and on demand.

• This course will continue to evolve, and the price can (and likely will) go up at any time.


See you in the course!  


terms and policies

This is a digital product. There are no refunds once the course is purchased.

Your success is important to me! I stand behind what I’ve created 100%. I would rather have enrollees who make an  intentional decision and do the work, even if it means selling fewer courses. 

My experience and many hours of thought and meditating on this have shown me that offering the following policy is the best choice for both me and those serve:

If you follow the curriculum, take the action steps, and implement them, you will have a system in place for your new innovative offering. You will have a system for attracting, engaging, nurturing, and enrolling new clients or patients.

You must first complete this step. If, after doing the work, there is something that still isn’t working for you, I’ll either offer a 1:1 jump start plan to get you going in the right direction, or consider offering an additional lesson to the existing course, if it would be helpful to others. (This is up to my discretion)

This does not mean “I don’t want to do this step because I don’t feel like it.” You must do ALL the work in this course to get results.

This course does NOT guarantee any income results. Individual results will vary. It is simply a foundation. A strategy must be in place first, in order to succeed. Although some of the solutions presented in this course are “set and forget” you must also use this system on a consistent basis. 

I KNOW this course will help you create more freedom in your practice, even if there is some “up front” work that will pay off immensely later down the road.