The Future-Proof Academy

A complete strategy  for online service-based entrepreneurs who want more freedom, sustainability, and income potential.  Create and promote your course, membership, or innovative packages in a way that feels both ethical and fulfilling.



Calling all acupuncturists, chiropractors, coaches, and all others who have invested a TON of time, money, and energy over the years to help others:

If you resonate with the message on the right, you just might be in the right place…

You’ve worked hard to build your service-based business. Me too. Our industry tends to bear the burden of risk with high overhead expenses, debt loads, and a limited and often unpredictable business model.  This model also doesn’t always help our patients and clients.

I have a question for you: If you had to stop working tomorrow, what would you have to show for it? Would everything cease to exist, including an income, or would you have some assets in place that will continue to carry your business?

Maybe it isn’t an issue for you, and you don’t necessarily want to “scale big.” But maybe you are simply just tired of the limitations of selling your time and want to start finding some other innovative ways to be of service and create more freedom in your life.

If you are reading this, I’m guessing that you already worked hard to build what you have. You have been doing this for a while, and you love working with clients or patients 1:1.  Now you get to decide if you want to diversify your income, and that’s what I help people do. 


Now may be a perfect time to start creating your first online course, group program, membership, or innovative package.

Do any of these apply to you? 

• You are experienced but are getting tired of the constant and superficial hustle that lit you up when you were younger. Now it’s getting  a bit old.

• You are tired of booking time slots. You recognize that the “fill your calendar” game can be a trap and severely limit your income potential.

•  You have changed the way you practice or work and are thinking about a course or membership or something other than the traditional “see more clients” model. This will take you through not only events beyond your control, but your retirement or next chapter in life. 

• You want to free yourself from debt  

• You want to run your business from anywhere: From home. From an RV. From anywhere in the world.

• You want a way to earn income at any hour of the day or night without you having to be present to deliver a service or do so much manual work. 

• You want to work on a deeper level with the ones that you DO choose to work 1:1 with, and charge what you want to/think is a fair price for your time, as an expert. 

• You are kind of a rebel, and would rather run your business on your own terms,  leverage your wisdom, and leave a legacy. 

• You want more time to do other things in life that have meaning to you




The challenges you may be facing:

• You’ve started creating a course, group program, or membership but you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.. wondering what to do first, then next, and so on

• You are doing everything yourself but a year (or more) later.. you are still not seeing the results you want

• Your “to do” list keeps growing. You feel like an employee in your own business,  with no guidance or time to think about the big picture

• The marketing piece feels random, futile, or like spinning plates ready to fall.  You may even feel exhausted by it or ready to give up.  You sure as hell don’t want to spend hours on Facebook or Instagram. (Ok, I’m assuming, but if you found me, this is probably you!)

• The “tech stuff” is getting in the way of your progress, and you resent it

• You want to leverage what you already have: A great network, a skill or superpower, or your own intellectual property or process without having to start from scratch with someone else’s idea about what you “should” be doing right now

• You are self-motivated, but don’t have the resources yet to hire a coach


I get it. I know what it's like to try to pivot, put together an entirely new business model without a map, and keep up with all the rapid changes. I want the process to be easier for you than it was for me!

Hi, I’m Julie.

I’m a former acupuncturist who decided to do things my own way. When I say that I fully embrace time and location independence, I really mean it.

I started with time independence with my acupuncture practice by slowly creating handouts and videos and templates, and then by adding bundled packages that added extra value, delivered results, and made it possible for me to work less and earn more.

I sold my practice in 2017, along with everything I own except for what could fit in two 26 kilo bags and a carry on, bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam, and now live in SE Europe. Today, divide my time between Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Slovenia.

Yep, I dove head first into location independence. I’ve always been kind of a “go big or go home” person. I was a bit ahead of my time, but I’ve also made some mistakes along the way as well, which I’ve learned from.

But not everyone is wanting to expend that much energy or take as many risks as I have, or at least not all the time. Not even me. I’m more into hanging out with my 2 dogs/fuzz buddies than having adventures for the moment.

The thing is, we get to choose.

If I can help you do what YOU want, then I consider it a win/win.

That’s why I created the Future Proof Academy.

 The Future Proof Academy (formerly  Toolkit) is my way to help motivated, freedom-based entrepreneurs “get shit done.”

It combines the best of both worlds:

1. A self-paced course you can complete on your own, step by step.  We’re talking instant access to pretty much everything. As in you could join, complete the course for the monthly membership fee, and cancel.

I would hope you wouldn’t do that, and at the same time if you did, hope that you finished the course and implemented it, because ultimately I don’t want to just take your money. I want you to succeed.

2. Real-time theme-based “semesters.” These will include more live interaction via trainings, Q&A, and implementation sessions that focus on a specific theme. 

I’ve got 3 more great reasons to stick around longer.

1. If I’m going to be honest, building a business that works for you is going to take more than a month.  It’s just like any other topic you would study.. (and hopefully master).. you sign up for a semester, not just a single hour long lecture. And you put in the work implementing what you’ve learned.  

You could very likely benefit from sticking around for an entire year, or even several years.  You don’t need to “declare a major” or write a thesis, but some long-term continuing education could be beneficial to your business. 

2. Maybe you’ve already mastered one area of your business and want to immerse yourself in an area that you don’t feel as strong in. It may make sense to immerse yourself in this area for a few months. 

 3. Although it’s great do get nerdy with theory, this course is designed to help you IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned.


I’ve got 3 more great reasons to stick around longer.

1. If I’m going to be honest, building a business that works for you is going to take more than a month.  It’s just like any other topic you would study.. you sign up for a semester, not just a single hour long lecture. And you put in the work implementing what you’ve learned. 

You could very likely benefit from sticking around for an entire year, or even several years.

2. Maybe you’ve already mastered one area of your business and want to immerse yourself in an area that you don’t feel as strong in. It may make sense to immerse yourself in this area for a few months. 

 3. Although it’s great do get nerdy with theory, this course is designed to help you IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned.


The Semesters

While you’ll still have access to the entire course and can work at your own pace, I really laser focus on specific themes throughout the year, with lots of opportunity for live learning and interaction:


  • Semester 1 (Typically Jan-Feb): Foundational work: Clarity with Your Brand, Your Niche, Point of View, and Storytelling
  • Semester 2: (Typically Early Spring) Your Business Model and Innovative Packaging/Creating Your Online Course or Membership
  • Semester 3:(Typically late spring/summer) Your Website, Attracting Your Ideal Client via Evergreen Content,  Search Optimization, and Building Your Email List
  • Semester 4: (August) Streamlining Your Workflow, Prioritizing, Developing Good Habits (self-care, boundaries, lifestyle)
  • Semester 5: Strategy: (Typically September-mid-November) Map Your Plan, Sales Funnels/Data collection and analysis/Conversion Optimization. How Social Media, Email, Podcasting, Webinars, and Book Publishing Fit Into Your Plan
  • Semester 6: (December/Year end) Reflection, Year End Review, Celebration

What's Included


Create a sustainable and future-proof practice by identifying your “local” or “global” mindset and maximize your agility so that you can easily find your “sweet spot” in today’s market. (There’s room for you!)


You’ll get crystal clear on exactly what you need to do, (and when) in order to make a profit. You’ll get clear on what you do, who you serve, and how to position yourself. This step is ABSOLUTELY essential and without it, all marketing is a waste of time and money.

The Journey

You’ll need a map to get you where you are going, but your clients and patients will also have their own  journey that mirrors yours. Modern Marketing is really all about building relationships and EARNING trust.  Once  you understand how this works, you can apply it no matter what “tech infrastructure” you have in place.


Learn the basic foundational tools you need to grow a time and location independent business. I also guide you through the process of setting it all up.

Make Your Offer!

You’ll be able to create, package, and deliver effective and high-converting offers that attract the right people for YOU at the right time, using what you’ve already got.

Measuring Your Progress

This is where I show you how to look at the right metrics, analyze them, and “steer the ship” on a continual basis so that you can focus on what matters most.

The Intersection of Tech and Humanity

I believe that the potential for success (on your terms) is an interesting combination of embracing not just new technology and trends, but also the power of the human in the midst of emerging technology. I’m going to show you how to make it all work FOR YOU, while also leveraging  community, collaboration, storytelling, and communication that allows your personality to shine through.


You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me anything. 

Bonuses and New, Updated Content

In ADDITION to all the new content I create each semester.. There are a TON of bonuses (based on requests from previous students) that you can unlock when you complete all the modules. We’ve got training videos, productivity and tech tips, trends to watch, templates, cheat sheets, and a LOT more.


• Take the guesswork out of building a thriving and sustainable business JUST the way you want it

• Eliminate “tech overwhelm”

• Say BYE to endless admin tasks, answering the same boring questions over and over, and working with people that drain you

• Create income streams that don’t require your constant physical presence

• Increase your earning potential by charging for VALUE instead of TIME.

• Offer bundled packages that are FAR more likely to get results for your patients and clients

• Diversify your income so that you have a “safety net” of income even when events outside of your control blast holes in your schedule

• Transition into a “retirement” that is both more meaningful and less financially stressful than the current paradigm: “Work too hard, save up, retire at 65,”


• Take the guesswork out of building a thriving and sustainable wellness or coaching practice JUST the way you want it

• Eliminate “tech overwhelm”

• Say BYE to endless admin tasks, answering the same boring questions over and over, and working with people that drain you

• Create income streams that don’t require your constant physical presence

• Increase your earning potential by charging for VALUE instead of TIME.

• Offer bundled packages that are FAR more likely to get results for your patients and clients

• Diversify your income so that you have a “safety net” of income even when events outside of your control blast holes in your schedule

• Transition into a “retirement” that is both more meaningful and less financially stressful than the current paradigm: “Work too hard, save up, retire at 65,”

If you are wondering whether you can do this:

You can do this without bullshit marketing tactics. I’m very much into transparency, authenticity, and respect. By doing this, seriously, you won’t have to work hard at “selling.” (Because selling isn’t my favorite thing, either, and marketing is supposed to make selling easier!)

You can do this even if you live in a heavily regulated area, such as CA or Ontario. People from these areas have already been doing this for a while now.

You can do this without spending so much time on time-sucking social media that drives addiction and clutters up the internet. (and your brain)

You can do this without having to spend an eternity on manual admin tasks so that you can focus more on serving your clients.

You can do this by eliminating some of the “tech stress.”

I am NOT promising that every day will be a picnic. That’s absurd. Any business owner knows this.

The first key: Get out of the grind you may have created for yourself.  If you feel like an enslaved employee with a less than effective boss this must change first. (We cover that) 

The second key is also about knowing what tasks to focus on, and what ORDER to do them in, without skipping steps.  This way you can start to get a feel for and build the kind of “empire” you want, at whatever level you want, via scaling your business. 

And I hope that this clarifies what scaling means to a more mature entrepreneur. 

You can most certainly ease into creating your first online offering. (The “Agile and Experienced Entrepreneur” approach)

OR you can jump right in. The choice is yours.

The Agile and Experienced Entrepreneur

If you choose to be bold and create an agile business now, it  will pay off later. Now is the time to leverage all the intellectual material you’ve gathered.  But you can start out at your own pace, working with what you’ve got, which might be more than you think.

This isn’t just a theory: I built a hormone-balancing package for perimenopausal women that was easier for me, and got my patients better results than acupuncture alone.

Now you get to decide what lies on either end of the asset/liability continuum and start designing something different for your business and life.  (Hint: There are many possibilities here)

I think that this approach is FAR more ethical than the transactional model of care or service that we’ve been enslaved to. (I swear, it’s kind of a weird spell that some fall under)

This more transformational, accessible, and results-based model serves both you, AND your clients or patients. It’s a win/win,

Your new agile business model will become your solid foundation that will allow you to keep doing the work you were called to do (and love) or do something crazy.. let sell all your shit and move to another country.. or just stay home more with your own “fuzz buds.”

Marketing Ninja 1

Agile and Experienced is my new mantra.

The GOOD news.. you can use what you already HAVE.

Right now, you don’t need a complex and expensive business model and technical infrastructure.

You can start out with, and leverage.. what you already have, such as your expertise, a few handouts, or some videos you already recorded. You probably have more assets than you realize!

Even if you don’t think you do, remember this:

You are already an expert. You already have experience.  People in general, and in your niche, NEED the kinds of services you offer. That’s a HUGE head start! 

You can get started immediately EVEN if:

• You don’t have any virtual clients or patients

• You don’t have a big (email) list yet (or even NO list)

• You’re not sure of what to offer, how to package it, or how to price it (we’ll cover all that!)

• You’re certain you “suck” at “tech stuff”  (I’ll walk you through the easiest but also most effective solutions)

• You don’t have a huge social media following

• You have no idea how to get started or what to do next (That’s the whole point of this course!)

• You don’t have  a fancy website yet. In fact, the foundational modules will be essential  you when the time comes to level up your website. Don’t skip these steps! 

Make sure you are ready

I stand behind this membership. I have happy students.. and I know that it will make everything SO much easier because you’ll know the first step.. then the next,, then the next. There is some flexibility, but I don’t believe in “winging it” without any sense of direction.  That’s’ stressful.

I also want to make sure that you are ready and committed. It doesn’t make any sense for me in the long run to take money but not have happy students that get the full benefit of this membership, although this is what many course creators do.

This isn’t how I measure success.

It also doesn’t make sense for you, either, to pay for something and not get anything out of it. I think you’ll be glad you took the plunge, but I also want to make sure you are ready and committed for at least the next 3 months, even though you can cancel at any time.

This is about mastery and implementation, not just another dopamine hit that makes you feel good for a few days but does nothing to help you actually meet your goals.  There’s already enough of that out there.

So coming from a place of transparency, honesty, and respect..

Before you enroll, you can see if you are a good fit at the bottom of this page.

Having said that, I know that once you do put in the work, it will be worth it.

It's cool to give, but having a business that actually gives back is even better.

You’ve spent years tweaking, perfecting, and fine-tuning your gifts. Now it’s time to find the perfect match, diversify your income, and treat your time with the respect it deserves.

By the time you complete the self-paced course you will:

• Be clear on what you will be offering and ways you can start diversifying your income today.

• Know how to position yourself as a unique and sought-after expert and NAIL your ideal patient or client so that you don’t have to constantly “explain yourself” and discount your services

• Learn how to leverage storytelling and point of view marketing to really stand out from the crowd (very few are doing this)

• Have your own streamlined process in place for creating high-impact content that will attract your ideal client or patient

• Have a simple strategy in place to follow for the next 60-90 days

• Have a system set up to start building your email list, which statistically gives you the BEST ROI of any marketing channel.

• Have all your “email tech” set up and ready to go, from opt-ins to automations, I’ve got you covered!

•  Complete your first basic “lead magnet” to attract your ideal client or patient and get them on  your email list!

• Follow up with your leads with a powerful automated system to earn trust and keep them engaged and excited.. so that they (statistically and magically) turn into clients.

• Discover the basics of weaving social media into your master plan in less than 15 minutes per day

• Learn how to create and launch a  course, group program, or “hybrid” program the EASY way. (When you find out how easy this is, you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner)

• Discover how to effectively leverage other people’s networks, including collaborations with peers, in new and creative ways so that you can get more clients with less struggle.

• Become a master at getting some tasks done in less than HALF the time by harnessing new technology (You don’t have to be tech-y to use these new tools)

• Know metrics to monitor for success, because you can’t succeed in what you can’t measure. We focus on data-driven results.

• Be fully prepared for growth: Whether it’s streamlining your day-to-day workflow, outsourcing, working with collaborators, or even starting a podcast or webinar, I’ve got you covered.

You’ll get even MORE out of the experience by sticking with it for the next semester (or longer) 

A peek inside…

See your progress, next steps, and highlights at a glance.

There’s also bonuses you can unlock after completing all the course work. 

See at a glance the event schedule for the current semester

Choose media that fits your learning style: video, audio, and downloadable slide decks.

I’ve found that a mix works best for learning, retention, and implementation. 

Absorb more by attending live workshops, and reinforce what you’ve learned by watching videos, listening to audio while you walk or do simple chores, and complete workbooks at your own pace. 

No course is of any use without taking action and “getting your hands dirty” by applying what you’ve learned to your own business.

That’s why I’ve included workbooks and “apply what you’ve learned” sections in the course so that you can make the most out of the self-paced portion of the course.

Just like going to school, learning in a live, real-time environment will help you focus on specific areas in your business. 

You’ll have an opportunity to get oriented, ask questions, learn more, interact with me and other members, and integrate what you’ve learned for the semester. 

Module 1

  • What can I offer online? (Innovative offerings)
  • 9 Key concepts for a global practice
  • What service-based entrepreneurs are doing online right now (translating 1:1 to “one -to-many”
  • The Art of the Pivot
  • The Rebel Wellnes Entrepreneur Mindset


Module 2

  • New Business Models
  • Hybrid Programs
  • Online Courses
  • The Membership


Module 3

  • Your Income Streams and Profit Clarity
  • Your Big WHY
  • Your Process
  • Prioritizing
  • Milestone 1


Module 4

  • Who Do You LOVE Working With?
  • Storytelling Basics
  • Your Philosophy, Mission, and Story
  • Developing Your Niche
  • The Magic of Positioning
  • Your Brand Archetype
  • Your Branding Kit
  • Copywriting 101


5 reasons why your website isn't finished yet

Module 5

  • How to get FOUND (instead of chasing)
  • Easy and Effective Content
  • “Meet Them Where They Are At”
  • The Client/Patient Value Journey
  • Funnels 101: Mapping the Journey
  • Launching and Promoting Your Online Offering
  • Milestone 2


virtual health and wellness events

Module 6

  • Email Marketing Changes for 2023
  • Email Basics
  • Active Campaign 101
  • How to Create a Lead Magnet FAST
  • Lists, Opt-ins, and Automations
  • Storytelling and Email Marketing
  • How to Build Your Email List
  • How to Use Email to Sell Your Offering
  • Milestone 3


5 reasons why your website isn't finished yet

Module 7

  • Social Media for 2023 and Beyond
  • Social Media Posting Strategy
  • Intro to Mighty Networks
  • YouTube 101
  • Short Form  Video
  • Marketing Calendars and templates
  • Milestone 4


5 reasons why your website isn't finished yet

Module 8

  • Setting Up Your Platform
  • Structuring/Writing Your Course Content
  • Creating a Slide Presentation
  • Creating Workbooks and Actionable Guides
  • Your First Launch
  • Onboarding 101
  • How to Increase Course Completion Rates
  • Milestone 5


virtual health and wellness events

Module 9

  • The LONG Game
  • SEO Basics
  • Content Marketing and the Long Game
  • Pinterest Basics


virtual health and wellness events

Module 10

  • You can’t succeed if you can’t measure: Making data-driven decisions
  • Collecting and analyzing data (only what you need!)
  • Conversion Optimization 101
  • Trends and Developments
  • Your 90 Day Plan


5 reasons why your website isn't finished yet

Module 11: Advanced

  • Webinars
  • Podcasting
  • Streamlining Your Systems and Workflow
  • Outsourcing
  • Common Mistakes
  • Staying on Track and Prioritizing
  • Leveraging Networks and Partnerships
  • Web 3.0, AI, and more
5 reasons why your website isn't finished yet


Unlock bonus gifts when you complete the course. It will be like Christmas.. I’ve created bonuses and trainings based on questions students ask, and another helpful resources

You will have access to everything in the course as long as you remain a member.

In addition, you’ll have access to LIVE resources based on the theme for the current semester.

Again, here are the semesters and areas of intense focus throughout the year:


  • Semester 1 (Typically Jan-Feb): Foundational work: Clarity with Your Brand, Your Niche, Point of View, and Storytelling
  • Semester 2: (Typically Early Spring) Your Business Model and Innovative Packaging/Creating Your Online Course or Membership
  • Semester 3:(Typically late spring/summer) Your Website, Attracting Your Ideal Client via Search
    Optimization/Building Your Email List
  • Semester 4: (August) Streamlining Your Workflow, Prioritizing, Developing Good Habits (self-care, boundaries,lifestyle)
  • Semester 5: Strategy: (Typically September-mid-November) Map Your Plan, Sales Funnels/Data collection and analysis/Conversion Optimization. How Social Media, Email, Podcasting, Webinars, and Book Publishing Fit Into Your Plan
  • Semester 6: (December/Year end) Reflection, Year End Review, Celebration

Monthly Investment

What participants are saying…

The Future Proof Your Practice course helped me feel more confident about learning how to use tech as a hybrid practitioner and the possibilities of working outside of my physical practice. I really needed this as a mom with two kids in virtual school during the pandemic. It gave me a purpose while my practice was closed and showed me how I could one day earn an income in the virtual world by using my knowledge.

Julie breaks it all down for you, from attracting your ideal client to the platforms and software to implement, and progressing to more advanced concepts like analytics. I feel that anyone at any stage of their practice can benefit from this course, and it is so much better than researching and putting things together piece by piece on your own.

Julie really supports the online community and wants to know how she can help. I am getting ready to launch my first program thanks to her course and the tools she has shared!

Kim N.

The Future Proof course has brought in specific techniques and ideas that I could not have come up with on my own, and that have enriched my offerings as well as streamlined my business procedures. 

For example, today we discussed details around having a questionnaire for filtering potential clients, and expanded on the idea of more effectively and accurately assessing the timeline and the nature of their urgency (to avoid wasted discovery calls with clients who are not going to be a good match for our high-touch programs). 

The result of the content and conversation is that I can meet the needs of my clients and potential clients more efficiently, and also spend less time managing the processes; instead I can dedicate that time to creating new content and offers. My clients can look forward to more meaningful offers, and I can save time and energy while meeting their needs better and making more money for my time.

Danielle B

 I’m good at delivering my work, not so much at the fundamentals of running a business in the online world. I needed and found the perfect teacher in Julie. She is patient, explains everything, and has all the required steps, content categories and processes to get me operating and visible online. She adapts each to my level of need, education and autonomy. She is THE reason I have a beautiful, functional website and marketing strategy, after 32 years of self employment. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend her, especially for coaches and health and wellness entrepreneurs!

Beth B

 I get really excited when I figure out how to do something myself. However, one of the ways I’ve been able to figure out as much as I have is because I learned to piece together many of the things I’ve learned from Julie!

Bottom line: it’s great to be able to do things for yourself, but first you need to hire a great teacher!


Who is this course for?

location independence for wellness professionals

• Experienced service-based entrepreneurs who have been working 1:1 for a while and have a solid sense of  the unique services and skillsets they deliver to clients and patients

• Those who want to get creative with their own new business model, including bundled “hybrid” packages, group offerings, online courses, or memberships based on their own intellectual property and expertise

• Practitioners and coaches who have “pivoted” in the last year or two, either because of external circumstances or an internal shift in purpose, meaning, and desires, and want more options

• Those who are more interested in delivering TRANSFORMATIVE rather than TRANSACTIONAL experiences or care. 

Motivated entrepreneurs who get that this is a long game and are ok with doing some up-front work this quarter in order to benefit in upcoming quarters, including having systems set up and ready to rock and roll for quick cash flow (workshops, classes, mini courses, templates, workbooks, etc) 

It’s much like planting different types of seeds to harvest in the months to come. 


Who is this course NOT for?

This course is not for you if:

• You are just starting out as an entrepreneur and don’t feel confident in your skillset just yet, or are still experimenting with who you want to serve. The beautiful and essential first step is to get some 1:1 hours logged in to find out what works for you and what doesn’t.  

• Your goal is to build a huge brick and-mortar practice. This is a great goal.. but I’m not your gal for this. Many others can do a much better job at this than I can.

• You suspect that a this course might not be a good option for you at this time, but may be in the future.  (In other words, it’s a good fit, but the timing isn’t great) 

You want another quick fix or “dopamine hit,” or believe that before you take action you need to make yourself “ready” with YET another energy clearing, therapy session,  deep house cleaning session, self-care weekend, ceremony, or shamanic journey.  I’m not knocking self-care or spiritual work or a balanced life. I’m questioning the belief that action can only happen when the stars are perfectly aligned. 

They won’t be. 

The magic here is about the actual work: Courage, Competency, and Confidence. Use the energy clearings and such to help you on your journey, not avoid it, if your goal is to build a freedom-based business. 

You need some extra accountability or “hand holding.” There’s nothing wrong with either of these but if this is the case,  one of my private coaching options (Strategy Sessions, 30 day Intensives, or Roadmap to Freedom) is probably a better fit. 

• You believe that setting up a system, like a website, means that there is no other work to do and that you are guaranteed income.  I’ve actually had a client that was shocked that she still had to “do marketing” even though she had a new website, and resisted email  altogether. 

This is a long game, and I can only make it possible for you to earn more income via systems and strategy, not make it for you.  

• You are not open minded about emerging technologies

• You believe that the “softer” skills such as developing a niche, ideal client, or mission, storytelling, and branding are just “fluff.”  They are not. 

• You need advanced help with SEO and Instagram marketing. You will want to shoot me when you find out my Instagram skillset, (I’m honestly not active there) but I’m working on finding other experts to fill in that gap. 

SEO and social media algorithms are changing very quickly, especially in a global market.  I teach the basics and do my best to provide updates and weave in case studies, as well as provide other resources for you to track what you need to.  



A few things I want you to know about this course plus FAQ’s

Can I cancel my membership? 

Yes. You can cancel at any time, without having to contact me. (You can manage your own account in the membership dashboard) When you cancel, you will no longer have access to the course material.

2. Are refunds available?

Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds.

3. What if I can’t make the live trainings and Q&A? 

Although attending live workshops provide a lot of benefit, I totally get it. Being 8 hours ahead of Eastern time in the US means that I have to catch a lot of replays as well.

Live trainings are added each semester and recordings are added to the “current semester” module. This way you don’t have to hunt for recent events. Live trainings may be integrated into the self-paced course material as well.

4. Is this course relevant to me and my business?

If so far you vibe with my message and like what you see, probably. If not, that’s ok too.  It’s important for me to be able to help you decide if it’s a good match, (or not.)

But there’s more. I like my students to be a part of the process of creating this membership.

I did put my heart and soul into it, but I’ve also had founding members co-create it. I credit them with helping to make it relevant, useful, and even transformational in some ways. You can read the testimonials to find out more.

You can also be part of the co-creative process by offering your feedback and suggestions. This helps me make the membership/course even better.

5. Is this membership appropriate for beginners? 

Yes.. depending on your definition of “beginner. This membership is designed for those who have at least an elementary understanding of marketing concepts like sales pages, social media, and the difference between paid ads and search, but may not have a deeper understanding about how they all work.  

It’s comprehensive, meaning that you can start from scratch. The only caveat: 

You have a basic business mindset,  basic online skills, and an open mind. This course won’t teach you super basic business skills, internet skills, or computer skills.

Honestly, none of it is rocket science. It’s just like learning any other skill. The tech is also definitely getting easier and easier.  However, I DO understand that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

My hope is that I can make it at least somewhat interesting or even fun through story, case studies, metaphor, and interactive learning.

6. Is this membership appropriate for intermediate or advanced entrepreneurs?

The Future Proof Academy is perfect for those at an intermediate level who need to fill in knowledge gaps and don’t have time to research everything they need to know or keep up with it all on a daily basis. 

It will also help intermediate to advanced levels to connect the dots and develop and refine their current strategies. In other words, they know the pieces, but may need perspective on how all the pieces fit together from an outside source.

Or they may have decided that what worked for them a few years ago may need an update.

We all need this.. I look up to those who know more than I do, have more experience, or a different perspective as well.

7. Will this work for me, or is it another “one size fits all” plan? 

I didn’t invent all the concepts in this course/membership from scratch, although I do have my own spin on it that has worked for me and my clients.

This is good, it means that you aren’t getting hype or more confusion about yet another mysterious “secret formula.” This is actually what we mean when we say “proven” or time-tested. 

However, I do have a unique approach that works well for certain types of entrepreneurs, and I did come up with a few ideas on my own via my own experiences that I share, (such as packages) that have also worked well for my clients. I don’t recommend anything I haven’t used successfully in my businesses.

I also know that all entrepreneurs are different and that the basic framework needs to be flexible enough in order to work for you and your business. 

You get to decide. It’s my job to be clear so that it’s easier for you to make this decision.

Also know that in marketing, things change VERY fast. It’s just the nature of the beast. That’s another reason why this isn’t just another generic “Earn 6 figures in 90 days with my proven formula” course.

8. How much work is involved, how long does it take, and will I see results? 

This is a great question.

A few things:

1. Much will depend on your own circumstances, meaning your cash flow, other obligations, urgency (do you need to launch your course asap, next quarter, or “someday?”) and how much time or energy you have.

That’s why I’ve included tools in the first few modules to help you realistically determine your own timing and game plan.

2. Can it be “fast-tracked?” Yes. Meaning that if you are focused you can set up your systems and start pre-selling a course in 30 days or even less. However, you WILL need enough time to promote your new course or membership. This can’t be rushed.

3. On the other hand, this membership isn’t about rushing through and not doing the work. It’s designed so that it can be a template for your goals this quarter.. and even the next, and the next. 

4. If I tried to sell you something that left out vital steps, simply for the sake of of “not overwhelming you” that’s not being very respectful of you as one a professional to another.  You would end up even more frustrated because important pieces were left out. 

This is what a lot of marketing experts do to provide that “quick win” that makes people feel good at first, but doesn’t really get the job done. 

Of course, I do my best to curate and focus primarily on what is most essential, vital, and timeless. We need to know these things.  Sometimes I need to make MAJOR updates, because of emerging technologies such as AI. This, too, is also important, whether we like it or not.

Sometimes it’s good to introduce you other ways you can market your business that you may not have thought about, such as YouTube, even if you never end up using it.

This is all about context. Without it, you’ll likely feel lost.

It’s good to see the entire elephant and not just each part in isolation, but also make sure that I break down some of the lessons into micro steps, with screenshots. Usually this is the case with the more “techy bits.”

Advanced concepts you may not need right now come in a later module, to keep you from getting overwhelmed. But this way you can see what’s ahead.

And of course, each semester you’ll have an opportunity to immerse yourself in specific themes. This ensures that the membership stays dynamic and relevant.

For you, this also means that some kind of continuing education is going to keep YOUR business relevant and dynamic.

I hope this makes sense.

5. For those with busy practices: If you are so busy with working IN your business (seeing more clients or patients, admin work, etc) that you don’t have time for working ON your business as the CEO, this course probably isn’t a good fit right now.

Instead, you may need one of the following:

  • Individualized support and guidance
  • Outsourcing and “done for you” services (instead of trying to figure out the DIY route)
  • A better time to dive into this work. I’m all about not procrastinating, but realistically, it may or may not be a good time to commit to DIY work right now.

6. As far as results: I don’t guarantee income because it’s based on variables I have no control over.

I do feel confident that if you do the work consistently, you’ll be far more likely to be visible in a global market, be much more agile and prepared for what’s ahead, and able to create a sustainable business that will serve you in the long run.

9. I already teach workshops and live classes and events. How will this course help me? 

I have a few thoughts about this.

I know a lot of entrepreneurs whose business model consists exclusively of time-based group events or workshops and 1:1 work.

There is nothing wrong with this. Many can continue to simply book clients on Acuity and be done. If this is you, there may be some things this course may help you with.

But this isn’t the model I focus on teaching. It doesn’t “light me up.”

Plus I live in Europe and if my entire business model was based on having to be present in order to deliver my offerings, I would need to be up at midnight hosting events or at 3am following up with emails. That’s a big NOPE for me, and being that some of my clients are considering the expat life, this probably doesn’t work for them either.

I’ve noticed that for many, this business model was arrived at by default, not intention.

As a result, they end up doing a lot of extra work because after each event, there is a “mess” to clean up, no follow up, no systems in place, and no documented procedures.

As a result, they end up spending a TON of time on clean-up, wheel-reinvention, admin work, trying to keep up with leads and clients manually, and starting from scratch with each new event.  Some don’t mind this.

If you are reading this far, I’m guessing you aren’t a fan of this kind of work and resonate with my message.. that this method regards our time as more or less cheap or even disposable. 

They are also missing out on potential new revenue streams, because the successful workshop they just taught is getting shelved while the “next big idea” is forming. When this happens, it often means that the balance between being an artist and an entrepreneur in this case is heavily weighted towards the artist. A healthier balance isn’t just about ideas, but implementation.

Not to mention that as they grow, things start to fall through the cracks: Tasks, projects, and people. That’s not a good thing. 

This is slowly changing.

Many who previously could not wrap their head around the idea of selling an evergreen product (meaning that it wasn’t even an option because until recently it has been poorly understood) are starting to become interested in creating and promoting more “on demand” offerings.

If you are frustrated with having to do a lot of “wheel re-invention” with each client, patient, or event, AND are open to setting up systems that make it easy for you to “rinse and repeat,” this course could very well be for you.

Think of it as being like the “slow food” movement instead of the low-quality fast food culture. Interestingly, this process makes everything more efficient over time.

For example, you’ll be able to follow up with leads and clients without having to spend hours keeping track of everyone. You will also have systems and templates in place to generate quick cash flow, such as via a webinar or workshop, in as little as a few days. (I do this often) But I wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t take the time to get these systems and processes set up.

As you grow, you’ll absolutely need systems to manage potentially hundreds of people at various stages in your process.

Again, it’s up to you. My job is to clarify so that you can determine if it makes sense for you or not, not to make the decision for you.

10. I tend to get easily distracted and have trouble focusing. Is this course still right for me?   

I totally get it!

I have trouble with this too. Sometimes I get distracted, and sometimes I “hyperfocus” on one area for too long.  Plus, we’re all bombarded by so much new information on a daily basis. (So if you are reading this or skimming this, I want to make sure I’m being helpful here!)

I’m going to put on my old practitioner hat to answer this question.

On my end, I do my best to break down content into chunks that are easy to process and implement.  I also am a big fan of producing content in as many media forms as possible.

For example, not ALL of us want to watch a video, and can process information better, and more quickly, via reading. And sometimes video really does help with information retention. Audio works well for busy entrepreneurs so they can multitask. Live trainings further enhance the learning experience, as does (YES) getting your hands dirty and doing active (instead of just passive) learning and implementing.

By request, I’m adding different media types in a way that is based on iterative learning. Meaning each module builds on the next, and you’ll see some terms and concepts repeated in different ways.  The laser focused events happening each semester will further enhance this iterative learning process.

I’m including more audio learning for concepts that can be absorbed while doing other tasks like walking or doing dishes.

This certainly helped me get through acupuncture school and learn how to speak a slavic language!

There are also milestones, bonuses to unlock, and some built-in support.

I may experiment with co-working sessions or work buddies.

I welcome feedback on this!

I can’t do everything on my end, however. In order to succeed, you will still need to:

1. Set aside time to do the work. Videos range from 15 minutes to 30. In addition, you will need to complete homework and implement the action steps.

This is not a big ask if you are serious about your business.

A business, in order to thrive (and be sustainable) needs a captain to steer the ship.

I’m guessing that if you are new to the concept of diversifying your income, you’ll want and need to spend some time setting this up and also set aside some regular time to keep it going. (No business is completely “passive”) 

2. There will be some “deep” work involved that will require more focus and concentration, and more time.  What can you do to set up boundaries around this time? For me, going to a cafe for a change of scenery, turning off notifications, and having a steady flow of coffee helped.

3. Take care of yourself. I know that if I don’t get enough sleep or don’t eat well, (foods that help me focus and concentrate) then I’m fighting a losing battle.

4. Know yourself. If you have ADHD for example,  I can’t manage it for you or advise you on what to do, because you know yourself better than I do.

Success will come from a combination of the experience I create for students on my end, but also on setting yourself up for success. Whether you take my course or work with me or not.

Having said that, there is never any pressure.. the door is always open and you are always welcome. I have a TON of free and lost cost resources available as well.

I care about your success. I also care about what I’ve taken a few years now to create. If I only have enrollees that don’t do the work, it hurts my business too. 

11. Can I just skip to the stuff I think I need? 

Honestly, yes, and no. 

Yes: I’ve had more advanced  students take this course as a refresher (when it was still a standalone, self-paced course) to fill in gaps, and to learn industry updates because they don’t have time time to follow.

They may be at a point where they need to get a product launched this quarter and really do know their niche and brand quite well.

And No:

In order for this to work, you will need to start with the foundational modules. If you skip these steps, which isn’t just fluff I made up to pass the time, honestly, you’ll be throwing your money away.

This is pretty much a universal thing. You can ask just about any marketing strategist I’ve ever encountered and they will tell you the same. Without first defining your niche, ideal client, message, story, and brand, any marketing or product development will be a waste of time.

I say this with respect, from my own experience, and with working with other marketing coaches I respect.

12. Is this about making 6 or 7 figures so I can travel the world and all that jazz? 

I’m not here to sell you a bunch of BS about “stop thinking small” or the almighty pursuit of the magical “6 figures.”

I’m so sick of this culture that talks about authenticity and balance, but is dishonest about what it takes to run a huge business.

I’m tired of the fake photo shoots: Is that big loft office really theirs, or did they rent it for the day?

I’m sick of the pictures of people with unrealistically tidy desks or working from the beach on their laptops. you get the idea.

I’m not a fan of “selling a lifestyle.” I won’t sell that bullshit to you.

I’m simply saying this:

My core message isn’t about getting rich, it’s about freedom and you getting to decide what success means to YOU.

Although when you set up a “one to many” infrastructure, this does open up doors for unlimited income, and you get to decide what that looks like.

The goal here is about creating a freedom-based business that works for YOU and your lifestyle. The idea of “going big to create a bigger impact in the world” is certainly a cool thing, and admirable, but I don’t think everyone needs to, or wants to be running a 7 figure business with all the headaches and overhead involved with driving a ship this big.

The key to success is about freedom, and pushing yourself a bit past your comfort zone, but not necessarily about becoming the “next 7 figure guru”  unless that’s what you want.

13. Are you a business coach? 

No. I’m a marketing nerd with a background in graphic design, web design, and acupuncture.

I started on this path by blending my experience as an acupuncturist and my unique (and somewhat rebellious) approach, which worked… with my growing “tech stack” and knowledge.

This evolved into becoming more of a strategist. I love systems and how they work. It’s one of the reasons I love Chinese medicine.

I teach different business models, marketing strategy, and how to build and promote courses, memberships, programs, and other innovative packages.

I don’t teach how to manage finances, setting up legal business structures, hiring employees, or how to manage or rent out a property.

There is a lesson in one of the modules about profit clarity, business models, etc. 

However, I am not a financial advisor, accountant, tax expert, or lawyer.

I do care about my students, but I’m also not a mindset coach (primarily) or therapist.

I have my niche and can serve best by focusing on my own area of expertise and stay in my lane.

I’m pretty easy going, and a bit of nerd, as are many of my clients and students. We do have fun, as well.

14. This membership sounds great, but I may need a little extra support. Do you offer something like this?

This membership is most suitable for self-motivated DIYers.

Although  I do offer some support via live events and in the Facebook group, if you need extra hand-holding or find that you can better leverage you time by hiring someone, working with me 1:1 or hiring me for a particular task may be a better option. 

That’s why I have options for those who have more time than money,  for those who can invest more but have less time, or for those who do need more guidance or even hand-holding. (But not therapy) That’s why I offer the PLUS plan,  30 day intensives and other coaching packages. 

Whatever you decide, based on where you are at, is all good!

15. How long do I have access to the membership? 

You  have access to the content in the membership for as long as you are a member.  I’m always adding new resources each semester.

15. Will the same info be there next semester or next year? 

It depends.  Some content is more timeless.

Other content changes VERY quickly. For example, the advent of AI meant that Ihad to do some serious updating and is affecting just about every facet of digital marketing.

I also grow and evolve as an entrepreneur and teacher. 

So..Due to the nature of the material, the course WILL change. I’ll add, combine, and subtract material at my discretion so that it remains relevant and reflects the growth of  the industry, my niche, the course, and my own experience,

 If you are still reading this.. it’s probably because you are a great fit for this course, and we’ll probably vibe just fine!

Monthly Investment: 

  What happens next

• You will be taken to a secure checkout area

• Upon purchase, you will get a receipt, a confirmation, and access to a private membership area.

• You will get a link to a private Facebook Group. There you can ask questions about the course.

• You will have access to all the modules

• You will still have lifetime access to future versions of this course, which will be self-paced and on demand.

• This course will continue to evolve, and the price can (and likely will) go up at any time, especially right now. (Honestly)


See you inside the academy!  


“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”