The EmailMarketing Starter Kit

If you missed my in-depth workshops.. you’re in luck..
I have a no-brainer Black Friday deal for you!

The bundle includes 4 complete, in-depth workshops: 

  • Building a Simple Lead Magnet
  • Email Automations 101: Set and Forget Marketing
  • Virtual Workshops: Turn Your Ideas Into Cash Flow QUICKLY
  • Email Marketing: Building Trust, Relationships, and Excitement with Storytelling

You will receive access to a membership area with all the recordings, slide decks, and workbooks, so that you can easily access each workshop at your own pace.  You will also have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions. 

Offer expires December 2








Email marketing is still the best, and yes, easiest way to sell your offerings. 

It’s a well-known fact that the ROI for email marketing is an impressive $40 for every dollar spent.

The even better news: Once you get your email infrastructure set up, you can run a huge part of it on autopilot.

Today, it's important to have leads that you own.

You want a platform where you can control the reach and message. And this is the power of email marketing.

Are you selling to a borrowed audience?

If you are relying on social media to do all your selling, not only are you working MUCH harder than you need to, you are relying on a borrowed audience, and borrowed leads.

Ok, here’s the thing: There are 3 types of leads you can acquire online:

  • Bought, (paid ads)
  • Borrowed (social media)
  • Owned (your mailing list)

The first two require your constant attention or stream of cash to feed them.

Social media and paid ads can be a part of a balanced and holistic marketing strategy.

However, what happens if you are only reaching 10 percent (or less) of your audience? Or worse, what if your Facebook or Instagram account is suspended?

What happens if you don’t have the resources to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on paid ads?

Not to mention that at certain times, like Black Friday, ads can be really expensive to run.

I promise you won’t regret growing your email list NOW, as it will make selling much easier now, and in years to come. 

Hi! I'm Julia

I’m going to be honest.. it took me a while to finally get the hang of email marketing.  But I did, and this is my jam!

The technical part used to be a lot harder, but I promise you it’s a lot easier, and that I can show you how to make it easier than ever. 

For some, including myself, the challenge is figuring out what the heck to write in each email. The best approach is via telling a STORY. It works so well that I’ve devoted an entire workshop to using storytelling in your email marketing.

Finally, there’s the data to make sense of. It’s not so much the data that is difficult to interpret, it’s the “why” behind them.

Why isn’t my list growing?

Why aren’t subscribers opening emails?

Why are they not clicking on any links in the emails?

I’ll be showing you how to fix these common problems.


What if I told you that the first steps aren’t as hard as you might think?  Once you get your automations set up, that’s it! You really can sit back and let your email ecosystem do the work for you.

This workshop will help you make it all much easier.  The even better news is that it keeps getting easier over time. So let’s get started on building and nurturing that email list of yours!

Let’s get this done, and check each step off the list one by one. If you follow each step, you’ll be ready to go by your busy season!

This will truly be a gift to yourself and your business that keeps on giving, which will activate an upward spiral of confidence and sense of ease. This is the foundation that creates real freedom and makes manifesting abundance and peace of mind possible, without exhausting yourself in the process.

 What you will get out of the workshop

• The “demystification” of email automations: By the time you’re done you’ll have a “set and forget” infrastructure that you can even use as a template in the future.

• The ONE thing you must have in your email marketing that is often overlooked (Spoiler alert: something called conditional logic, which I’ll also de-mystify)

• A detailed plan for creating a quick workshop or event, based on the tools and platforms you are probably already using (your calendar booking app and your website/landing page)

• Actual ACTION steps to take in order to create an effective email campaign: A basic landing page, a lead magnet, the automated infrastructure, what to include in your welcome emails, how to build your list, and more.

• LOTS of visuals and analogies to make the topic a little more fun!

• Templates and prompts to get you UNSTUCK. (Including one for your lead magnet and what to write in your emails)

• BONUS Live update. I’ll be reviewing new tools that will make email marketing even easier in 2023, AND make it easier to stay consistent. 

The Friday class was so awesome, packed with info and really easy to follow, and dare I say – FUN! Thanks for taking something so intimidating and making it easy to understand

Kate M.

Who this workshop is for

  • Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business via email marketing, but may just be getting started.
  • Those who are selling a digital course, membership, or program, and/or want to create events or workshops to marketing their 1:1 services
  • Those who are willing to do the work: Yes, there is work to do on the front end. 
  • Those who are willing to invest in the proper tools you’ll need. (Honestly, it’s not that expensive, especially for beginners) 


This offer expires on December 2