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November/December: Coaching for Income Diversification and Marketing Strategy slots open

November/December:Email marketing slots open (Set up email marketing opt in form/automations

December SEO/Content marketing: 1 slot open. (this is at least a 9 mo commitment)

Websites: waiting list only

How to Get Started

 Schedule a Zoom call to see if we have “chemistry” by clicking on the burgundy button. Please review this website first before we meet. That’s why it’s here!

Content is Still King.

This is ESPECIALLY true for those who want to leverage their expertise and experience as wellness practitioners. It’s about GIVING first.


In the tourism industry, it’s not just about just “accommodation” anymore.

It’s about providing an EXPERIENCE for your guests.


Now that you have a great or even “stunning” website, are you leveraging content to its fullest? 


Is it as effortless and automatic as you would like it to be?

“SEO and content go together like PB&J”

SEO is getting tougher each day. You simply can’t  “do” SEO anymore without content. Sporadic blogging and simply throwing a handful of  keywords into your website doesn’t cut it anymore.

3 Choices to Fit Your Individual Needs

Starter Plan

I you are just starting out an have more time than income AND have an open mind about marketing, this may be the perfect plan for you.

The focus is more about education and getting you off to a good start with automating your content marketing and SEO.

This is NOT a VA plan.

It’s about guidance and providing tools for you to gain momentum.

It’s perfect for those who want to take the free info I offer to the next step. You MUST be willing to show up and do the work. 

Minimum commitment: 3 months.

This program is NOT about us guaranteeing more clients, patients, or guests, or giving you any “magic formulas” for creating time or location independence.   This plan is all about showing you HOW to get there, with patience and consistency so that you can achieve success over time. 

The Momentum Plan

This plan is for those who have a solid grasp of content marketing and a clear vision for their business.

 It’s perfect for holistic practitioners or coaches who want to diversify their online income streams. 

The focus is on optimizing and promoting the content you  provide, or with handing off some of the time-consuming work of writing and research to someone who can write QUALITY content. 

It’s for you if you are regularly blogging, creating videos, or other content AND:

• Are starting to get busier, but still experience “up and down” cycles in your business.

• Want to create a “buffer” or “safety net” from income loss due to illness, emergencies, cancellations, bad weather, etc. 

• Recognize the importance of building content as a valued asset for your business, and are at that “tipping point” where investing in a consistent and automated plan makes sense.

• Need to take your current content marketing plan and SEO to the next level. I call this Level 2: Creating time and location independence. 

This is NOT a VA plan.

This plan also requires more of a time commitment to start seeing results: A MINIMUM of 6 months. 

Note: I do not make income guarantees. Content marketing is not a quick fix, it’s a staple in your marketing toolbox, much like networking. It takes time and consistent effort, but it does pay off!

The Established Plan

This plan is perfect for you if you have a busy practice or business, and/or you have achieved  your goal of time and location independence. 


You want to keep growing or keep your online pipeline of leads flowing, but it no longer makes sense to do it on your own.

It’s time to outsource! This plan is specifically designed for YOUR industry and YOUR business.

The focus in this plan goes beyond automation, tactics, research, and content creation and into creating a STRATEGY. 

This is NOT a VA plan.

In this plan, I’m your coach, co-strategist and researcher, and will hold you accountable for your part in helping your business grow via your content marketing strategy.

This plan also requires more of a time commitment to start seeing results. (8 months minimum)

Note: I do not make income guarantees. Content marketing is not a quick fix, it’s a staple in your marketing toolbox, much like networking. It takes time and consistent effort, but it does pay off.

The challenge of starting out

When you first start out, you may be bootstrapping, but you  still have your eye on the “prize.” That means whatever YOUR definition of success is for you and your business.

In order to do this, you may have to think differently than you have in the past.  For some this may mean letting go of outdated notions about marketing, particularly online.

Modern marketing isn’t a fad. Creating time and location independence in your wellness practice is ENTIRELY realistic, practical, and do-able.

In fact, for many, “going virtual” is a necessary step in future-proofing their business. 

Are you ready for the adventure?

Content marketing is one of the pillars that modern marketing is based on. (Yes, it’s about GIVING as well as receiving)

Gone are the days in which allow you to keep the same dated website up for years that lists 100 things you treat, isn’t specific, and isn’t patient-centered. 

If you aren’t building a library of content and establishing a presence online as the “go to” expert in your specific niche, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Whatever path you choose to get there, it’s important not only to start, but to make it a regular, automated routine.

Your "Inner CEO" Knows Best

The plan for an established businesss isn’t.. and should NOT be, the same as that of a bootstrapper.

At each stage of your business growth, you need a different strategy.

That’s why I created these plans. Regardless of whether or not we work together, my goal is to help small business owners spend their time and money wisely, in a way that makes sense for the stage they are in.

I’m not a marketing guru, and I don’t sell “simple formulas for 6 figure incomes” or “4 hour workweeks.”  This is bullshit. 

What I DO offer is individualized plans and/or guidance for those who really don’t want to spend 400 years trading time for dollars. People who are ready to both claim what they worked hard for, create meaning, use their wisdom and expertise to give back, and leave a legacy. 


These packages include guidance specifically tailored for the industries I work with.

Customized options are also available.

NOTE: Content marketing takes TIME, there is no way around this. You may find ultra-cheap solutions for implementing a list of tactics, but for high-quality, focused and relevant content, as well as conducting research, TIME, effort, and skill is required.

Content Marketing takes time to see results, generally at least 6-8 months.
I require a minimum commitment of 8 months for this reason.

A few things to keep in mind:

* For these plans to work, you must be committed to creating 2 blogs per month.
Can be batched. (There is no TRY, only DO)

*Although it frees you from some time-consuming tasks,  these plans are NOT a 100% done for you packages and DO require your input.

* Set up Buffer account, Yoast, scheduling plugins, and any “tech” troubleshooting is not included.
If you need help with that, just ask.

* Copywriting/sales copy is not included in these plans. This is also a separate service.

Need more content?  No time to write? Ask about custom options!

Frequently Asked Questions

What IS content marketing anyway Please explain?

According to Digital Marketer:

“Content marketing is a powerful strategy for building and engaging an audience of future customers. In fact, we’d even say that content marketing is downright essential for most companies today.”

It’s not something we, as marketers just “made up” or even a big secret. You see content marketing every day, whether you are aware of it or not, every time you listen to a podcast, read a blog, or watch a video with genuinely helpful information from a brand.

One of my favorite ways to help us to understand content marketing is the “cartoon to action figure” analogy. First you watch the free cartoons, then you may decide buy the low-cost comic books.. and then, you may decide to buy the action figure.

The reason the term “funnel” is used in marketing is because the top of the funnel (cartoons) is where the majority of people will remain. Some will continue on to the middle of the funnel (comic books) and a smaller percentage will end up at the bottom of the funnel (the action figure)

This is a very simplified explanation. The entire process is both an art and a science.

While I’m on a nerd tangent, think of all the money made from the Star Wars empire. The vast majority was not made from ticket sales.

If you explore this site, you will see content marketing in action. I’m building a library of blogs, free info, and paid courses at every price point. My top of the funnel is DIY information. The middle consists of courses and group coaching. The bottom: coaching, websites, and content marketing packages.

This not only helps me to grow and establish me as an “expert,” but provides leads and potential clients with choices. (just the RIGHT amount of choices)

It’s about having something ready for the right people, at the right time, as they move through the funnel (or journey.)

It’s a great business model for service based businesses, those who sell their expertise, and for destination marketing. (the tourism industry)

Your services cost more than some of the other services i've seen. why is that?

• If you are hiring a freelancer overseas, from a service like Fiverr or Upwork, a “content writing” mill, a VA, or even agencies that outsource for peanuts, you will end up getting what you pay for.

• SEO and keyword research also requires time and skill.

• I include coaching, guidance, and strategy in my content marketing services. (Coaching and consulting)

I’m going to quote one of my favorite marketing gurus, Neil Patel, from his blog entitled: 10 common reasons why content marketing isn’t working for you:

“Content marketing means that you have to produce content, but the quality of that content is of utmost importance. Churning out shoddy content does have an impact on your brand, but it is a negative impact. It makes your brand look bad and perform poorly.

Let me point out a few of the reasons why content sucks:

    1. You don’t know what kind of content to produce. Nearly every business struggles with how to produce engaging content. Coming up with a theme, topics, angles, and something new is challenging.
  1. You simply hired an inexpensive writer. This is a big one; I see it all the time. A business wants to do content marketing, so they go out and hire a writer for ten bucks an article. They give them a list of topics, and let them have at it. Then, they post these articles on their blog. Content marketing, right? Wrong. Usually, this is a waste of money. Such efforts are not strategically guided. What’s worse, is that the content itself is of very low quality. Many times, writers don’t know your industry well enough to be competent as a blogger in that industry.”

My take:
I’ll be honest. I stand behind the work I do. I am happy to write blogs and do keyword research for my clients. I have the skills and experience of having had my own practice, and content marketing has simply worked for me and is still considered to be the most effective way to market today.

Although my primary goal is to create value, these services are time-consuming, which is why I have limited slots available, and why I don’t do this kind of work for rock-bottom prices.

Bottom line: cost-cutting and deep discounting doesn’t really work for your business, and it doesn’t work for Tech and Wine Marketing. 

If you can’t invest yet, refer to the “I’m a Bootstrapper” question in these FAQ’s! 

I'm a bootstrapper, and I honestly can't invest yet. What can I do?


There are still choices. If you like “tech” and marketing, as well as writing, you may enjoy going the DIY route.

I’m creating some new courses for those who are entering the world of websites and marketing, and this may be a great choice for you.

I still offer a lot of free content for specific industries, so you won’t get a lot of irrelevant info about marketing in general from me.

This is content marketing in action, by the way!

There are still other experts to learn from besides me.. absorb all you can!


Do you provide SEO services only?
Great question.

Actually, content marketing and SEO go together like Peanut butter and Jelly.

It’s not an upsell. SEO is dependent on written content, because that’s what Google robots are trained to “read.” And thanks to new algorithms, they are getting better at it by the week.

This is actually a good thing, because the main purpose of SEO isn’t just to sell stuff.

It’s to make sure that people find what they are looking for online, and have the best experience while doing so.

More and more this means that your website needs to have high quality, relevant, and interesting content.

Having said that, if your question is: Can you do the keyword research, linkbuilding, data analysis, and all the other SEO geeky stuff, while I write my own content?

The answer to that is YES.. if you are a consistent and passionate writer. In fact, this could be the most ideal way to communicate: via writing your own content.

Some people are gifted writes who love every moment of it, while others despise it.

As long as you have the time and inclination and it makes sense for you to write in addition to focusing on your other business tasks.

Bottom line: You can’t do much SEO with a “thin” website with 8 pages and a few sporadically written blogs.

Are You Really A Star Wars Fan?

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Plus I got tired of finding interesting photos of laptops. 🙂

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