21 Website Mistakes Acupuncturists Make

21 Website Mistakes Acupuncturists Make

Did you know that more and more health care consumers are doing extensive online research before making a buying decision?

Even if you network frequently and have a great word-of-mouth referral system in place, people are going to want to visit your website.

Are you making these common website mistakes acupuncturists make?

If you are actively using your website to get more patients, the site has to have some vital elements in place. Since very few people will buy from you the first time they meet you or land on your home page or landing page, if any of these elements are missing, your website won’t perform well.

Lately I’ve been seeing some websites that are pretty bad. Just today I saw two that make almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of these mistakes. I’ve also seen some excellent websites that I am learning from.

So I came up with a list of 21 website mistakes acupuncturists make.

I know that 21  sounds like a lot, but it’s normal to make these mistakes,. You can  attribute it to the inherent complexity of websites and marketing.

It’s a learning curve, for sure. I’m still learning, and I still make my own mistakes. For example, I don’t have enough images of myself. I could probably make better use of video, and I still want to refine the design, navigation, and readability of my site. Copywriting is a work in progress, as is SEO.

Don’t let it get you down. Use this guide not as a way to compare yourself with others (as in website shame) but to help you improve. I do this all the time!  (more…)