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I write copy that converts for your next landing page, email campaign, or ad campaign



Case Studies

A beautiful website, even a StoryBrand-based site with all the features you need to
scale your business, is NOTHING without good copywriting.

Good copy gets RESULTS. I want to SHOW you what it can do, with these case studies.
I’ll be adding to this portfolio over the next few weeks! 

I write for  EVERY stage of a marketing funnel:
Cold leads (TOFU) warm leads (MOFU) and “hot leads” (BOFU)
In “non-marketing” speak, this means writing for every stage of the buyer’s journey.


Beth Hill Blair, Life Coach: Lead magnet designed to warm up cold leads and followers

Beth Hill Blair is  a life coach specializing in working with middle-aged women and empowerment in the “Queen” stage of life.

Goal: Create a targeted lead magnet to capture leads on her website, followed by a welcoming email sequence, each with a Call to Action (CTA) leading up to the “climax” of the story.

For her, this was a discovery call. For others, it could be a landing page for a course, group program, or membership.

This is an example of my copywriting templates/prompts and coaching at work. I didn’t write the copy, but my client went from not knowing what to write, to creating a powerful lead magnet and welcoming series of emails. She’s new at the game, but her list is growing quickly!

You can find out more about how it works and explore copywriting templates/prompts on Beth’s website.

The Future-Proof Your Practice Toolkit: Landing pages/sales pages

I’ll start with my own landing page for my signature course, The Future Proof Your Practice Toolkit.

It’s been one of my main “laboratories” for cracking the conversion code.

This landing page is designed for the MOFU/middle of the funnel stage of the client/patient journey.  I don’t direct any paid ads to this page. I have several email automations that lead to this course, and I promote it in livestreams and podcasts.

For a colder audience, I use short and sweet squeeze pages.

Long-form landing pages are designed to persuade the reader to convert with strong copywriting and a flow/navigation that encourages the lead to take ACTION.

Goal: Conversions from targeted and organic sources of traffic and email subscribers.

Check out the landing page here.

Kardia Chiropractic Blog

Most of these blogs were written by me, and about 20% by Dr. Joel, a chiropractor in Lansing, MI. See if you can find what copy was written by him, and what I wrote.

Although blogs are not about copywriting, (content writing is a different beast) the blogs I wrote for Dr. Joel Haase of Kardia Chiropractic are a good example of how I can match the “voice” of a brand.

Good copy requires both original and authentic content, which must “sound” like the person who wrote it. Dr Joel is warm, caring, and definitely NOT traditional, and his branding and voice needed to reflect that.

For a health and wellness website I believe it is also vitally important to focus on facts, research, data, and evidence to support a blog or article, and this is included as part of my services.

Goal: Increase brand awareness and engagement, establishing the client as an expert in his niche, delivering value, including a strong CTA (Call to action) in each blog, and optimizing each blog for SEO with strong and strategically placed keywords.

Check them out here.

Email Marketing Campaign for B2B Clients: Using Quizzes for Lead Capture

.What does email marketing and an old pair of jeans (or yoga pants) have in common? They may not be “sexy” but they just work for about any occasion.

In this case, I’m referring to my B2B clients who are generally coaches or health and wellness entrepreneurs.

Some are complete beginners in the marketing world and have no desire to dive into all the marketing jargon and tech lingo.

Others are DIYer’s and have different needs.

Still others are established in their practices, are generally marketing and “tech” savvy, and are primarily interested in how to streamline their systems and save time.

One of my favorite ways to grow my email list is with quizzes. Quizzes have grown my list by 120%.  They allow me to “sort” or segment my audience so that I can send the right emails, to the right people, at the right time, easily.

Click here for a deeper look at the automated campaign I created based on a quiz, to get more sales for my signature course.  includes  a sampling of the actual emails.

“Every product has a unique personality and it is your job to find it.”

– Joe Sugarman