can your website attract “good vibes?” 
(and keep out the “bad vibes?)

What DRAINS your energy as a holistic healer, coach, or solo service provider? In my own business and previous practice, I noticed the “bad vibes” can include: 

• Lack of consistent cash flow • Cancellations • Repetitive questions • Price shoppers • Time wasters/tire kickers • Admin tasks you hate • Less-than ideal clients or patients • Feeling exhausted and resentful

This challenge will help you create a website that will GREATLY REDUCE these common time and energy sucks and replace the “bad vibes” with GOOD VIBES so you can:

• Get steady, consistent cash flow •  Enjoy committed clients and patients who look forward to each treatment or session •  Create a website that serves as your “receptionist” so you can focus on deeper, more meaningful work • Effortlessly establish BOUNDARIES that you almost never have to enforce • Feel generous and expansive  so that you can TRULY be of service