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marketing is as much, if not more, of a creative endeavor as a technical one


I understand what it’s like to build and market a successful business. I’ve chose to focus on the industries I know best.

I also enjoy working with a certain type of client. Often they are very smart and have a strong creative side in ADDITION to a strong rational/logical side.

Our approach often means we do well in business, but there can be challenges as well, such as perfectionism, inability to complete projects.. not due to laziness, but by trying to do EVERYTHING alone, and feeling very isolated.

If you are an introvert, I totally get it. Online marketing will be one of your allies and best assets once you get it set up.



• You are in the business of helping people feel relaxed, happy, healthy, and whole. The world needs MORE of you!

• You are a solo business owner  in a position of having to use technology to keep up in business and are not quite sure WHERE to start, or you jump into everything at once and end up being quite inefficient at the end of the day.

• Your business is growing fast and you need to outsource

• Your growth is plateauing and you realize how vital a marketing plan is for your business..but you don’t have time for (or don’t like!) marketing tasks

• You are VERY tired of all the “tech whizzes” and the “hustle gurus” that leave you feeling even more drained than when you started

• You are more of a visual or “hands on” learner and don’t get much out of developers just “talking at you” and frankly, making you feel “stupid.” 

• You have a mental block or “mindset” block (fear, procrastination, etc) which is holding you back. Yep, mindset work and marketing go together!

Sit down, and have a cup of tea or coffee or.. a glass of wine. Relax. The whole thing doesn’t have to be like this. Let’s make this fun, easy, and relaxed. You EARNED it!

If your business is in one of the following categories, you are in luck! These are my specialties:

  • Acupuncture
  • Functional medicine
  • Tourism 
  • Hospitality 
  • Spas
  • Resorts 
  • Health coaching 
  • Mindset coaching
  • Business development and leadership
  • Yoga teachers
  • Wellness retreats


I finally committed to creating my first website. After beginning the process with someone who came highly recommended, I found myself with no information, no direction and a very poor, basic product and all the money I paid had been wasted.
As a complete novice, I did not know what to do next. Then I found Julie. She quickly understood the depth of the work I offer and my unique offerings.
She structured the steps of what I needed to do and educated me. Even better, she gave me permission to approach the process and content *my way*, while being encouraging and helpful.


work with me

If you are:

Open to new ideas for ways of bringing in new clients, patients, customers, and guests


• Able to trust me and the process, and stay consistent in your efforts


• Willing to face your fears and mindset blocks that keep you from moving forward, should this be an obstacle for you. (Procrastination and Perfectionism are 2 classic signs)

• Willing to contribute as part of the team.. taking photos, providing content, giving feedback, and doing “homework” when applicable


• Focused and able to follow through (even as we work on getting past “Shiny Object Syndrome” together.. we would be a great “fit!”


It’s also important that you have a clear idea of what you want and need before proceeding to any of the website or marketing packages


Creativity is of course, an ASSET!


If you are unsure, (and this is normal)  the coaching package is for you!

I offer free consultations for those who are interested in working one-on-one.

If your budget is tight, there are free and low-cost tools on the website to help  you take the first steps in getting your website done or building a digital marketing strategy.

If you’re considering investing  because you are ready to make a leap in your business, please schedule a consultation using the pretty burgundy button to your bottom left.

 Please be sure you’ve reviewed the web site before contacting me.
 That’s why it’s here!

The principal mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers.